First evidence of persistent organic contaminants as potential anthropogenic stressors in the Barndoor Skate Dipturus laevis.


:Although exploited populations of elasmobranchs may be able to recover from fishing pressure, there is little information regarding the Barndoor Skate's ability to cope with other anthropogenic stressors such as organic contaminants (OCs). Legacy OCs were measured in liver, muscle and ova from fourteen Barndoor Skates with mature skates having significantly greater mean concentrations of OCs than immature skates, demonstrating bioaccumulation with age. Using Toxic Equivalency Factors, skates were found to have levels of PCBs that have been shown to elicit negative physiological responses in other fishes and these results highlight the need for future studies to investigate the potential impacts that bioaccumulated organic contaminants have on the recovery and conservation of this vulnerable species.


Mar Pollut Bull


Lyons K,Adams DH




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  • Effect of prolonged hypoxia on food consumption, respiration, growth and reproduction in marine scavenging gastropod Nassarius festivus.

    abstract::The effects of prolonged exposure to reduced oxygen levels (3.0 and 1.5 mg O(2)l(-1)) on marine scavenging gastropods Nassarius festivus were studied for 8 weeks. The percentages of individuals engaged in feeding and amount of food consumed were reduced as oxygen level decreased; absorption efficiency, however, did no...

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  • Assessment of local and regional strategies to control bacteria levels at beaches with consideration of impacts from climate change.

    abstract::The objective of this study was to evaluate relationships between local factors (beach geomorphology and management) and regional factors (infrastructure improvements and temperature changes) against levels of fecal indicator bacteria (FIB) at recreational beaches. Data were evaluated for 17 beaches located in Monroe ...

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  • The European Commission proposal for a marine strategy: lacking substance.

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  • Optimising statistical models to predict faecal pollution in coastal areas based on geographic and meteorological parameters.

    abstract::This article describes a methodology for optimising predictive models for concentrations of faecal indicator organisms (FIOs) in coastal areas based on geographic and meteorological characteristics of upstream catchments. Concentrations of FIOs in mussels and water sampled from 50 sites in the south of Brazil from 201...

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  • Are shipwrecks a real hazard for the ecosystem in the Mediterranean Sea?

    abstract::The aim of the present study was to evaluate the hazard from shipwrecks on communities by a holistic approach taking into account different effects on biological communities. Multibeam and Remotely Operated Vehicles surveys recorded ecological assessment of fish and benthic species on three shipwrecks flooded during t...

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    authors: Renzi M,Romeo T,Guerranti C,Perra G,Canese S,Consoli P,Focardi SE,Berti C,Sprovieri M,Gherardi S,Salvagio D,Giaramita L,Esposito V,Battaglia P,Giacobbe S,Andaloro F

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  • Bioavailability and risk assessment of arsenic in surface sediments of the Yangtze River estuary.

    abstract::The bioavailability and risk assessment of As were studied in sediments of the Yangtze River estuary (YRE). Results showed that residual fractions dominated the As partition (>85%), which attenuated overall bioavailability. After the residual fraction, As mainly partitioned into the Fe-Mn oxides fraction (3.16-4.22%)....

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  • Analysis of the reliability of a statistical oil spill response model.

    abstract::A statistical oil spill response model is developed and validated by means of actual oil slick observations reported during the Prestige accident and trajectories of drifter buoys. The model is based on the analysis of a database of hypothetical oil spill scenarios simulated by means of a Lagrangian transport model. T...

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  • The principles of effective post-spill environmental monitoring in marine environments and their application to preparedness assessment.

    abstract::Understanding the fate and effects of marine spills is essential if the scientific and response communities are to develop best practices. The effective deployment of environmental monitoring activity can be complex and requires planning and coordination but the levels of preparedness to deliver the necessary expertis...

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  • PAH-profiles in sediment cores from the Baltic Sea.

    abstract::To document the historical input the PAH-profiles of sediment cores in two different basins of the Baltic Sea, the Gotland Basin (GB) and Arkona Basin (AB), were analysed by means of GC-MS. 35 PAHs were quantified in all samples, and additionally, several marker PAHs, like Cyclopenta[cd]phenanthrene (CCP) for combusti...

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    authors: Ricking M,Schulz HM

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  • Horizontal gene transfer versus biostimulation: A strategy for bioremediation in Goa.

    abstract::Bioaugmentation, Biostimulation and Horizontal gene transfer (HGT) of catabolic genes have been proven for their role in bioremediation of hydrocarbons. It also has been proved that selection of either biostimulation or bioremediation varies for every contaminated site. The reliability of HGT compared to biostimulatio...

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  • Marine debris ingestion by sea turtles (Testudines) on the Brazilian coast: an underestimated threat?

    abstract::Assessment of marine debris ingestion by sea turtles is important, especially to ensure their survival. From January to December 2011, 23 specimens of five species of sea turtles were found dead or dying after being rehabilitated, along the coast of the municipality of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. To detect the presence of...

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  • Trace elements in microplastics stranded on beaches of remote islands in the NE Atlantic.

    abstract::The increased quantity of microplastics entering the oceans is threatening the health of marine ecosystems worldwide. Microplastics are of particular concern because they are available to a wide range of organisms and can possibly transfer potential toxic substances such as trace elements. Herein, we provide baseline ...

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  • Petroleum hydrocarbon contamination in Nelson Lagoon, Alaska, sampling three different matrices.

    abstract::Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) levels were measured in sediments, bivalves and semi-permeable membrane devices (SPMDs) in the relatively pristine marine environment of Nelson Lagoon, Alaska. Most PAH levels in Nelson Lagoon were low, and similar to global background concentrations. Sampling media type can signi...

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  • Occurrence of organotin compounds in seafood from Hong Kong market.

    abstract::The degree of organotin compounds (OTCs), including dibutyltin, tributyltin, triphenyltin and dioctyltin, contamination in seafood purchased in 2017 and 2018 from Hong Kong market was studied. Edible portions of 341 seafood samples, including fish, crustaceans and molluscs, were used for analysis by gas chromatograph ...

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  • Seabirds and chronic oil pollution: self-cleaning properties of gulls, Laridae, as revealed from colour-ring sightings.

    abstract::Mystery oil spills off the Dutch coast affected colonial, adult Lesser Black-backed Gulls prior to and within the breeding season. From colour-ringed individuals, it was demonstrated that most oiled birds survived and were clean within a few weeks and often bred successfully. Further evidence of self-cleaning properti...

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  • Relative bioavailability and toxicity of fuel oils leaking from World War II shipwrecks.

    abstract::The Norwegian Authorities have classified 30 WWII shipwrecks to have a considerable potential for pollution to the environment, based on the location and condition of the wreck and the types and amount of fuel. Oil thus far has been removed from eight of these shipwrecks. The water accommodated fractions of oils from ...

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  • Accumulation and distribution of petroleum hydrocarbons found in mussels (Mytilus galloprovincialis) in the canals of Venice, Italy.

    abstract::Petroleum contamination was assessed in indigenous and transplanted mussels for three types of environments within the Venice Lagoon and its associated interior canals. Indigenous and transplanted mussels were least impacted by petroleum contamination at open-water stations, but more affected in partially-enclosed are...

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  • Ingestion of plastic marine debris by Common and Thick-billed Murres in the northwestern Atlantic from 1985 to 2012.

    abstract::Plastic ingestion by seabirds is a growing conservation issue, but there are few time series of plastic ingestion with large sample sizes for which one can assess temporal trends. Common and Thick-billed Murres (Uria aalge and U. lomvia) are pursuit-diving auks that are legally harvested in Newfoundland and Labrador, ...

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  • Assessment of the zinc diffusion rate in estuarine zones.

    abstract::Industrial pressures suffered by estuarine zones leave a pollution record in their sediment. Thus, high concentrations of many heavy metals and some organic compounds are often found in estuarine sediment. This work aims to contribute to the enhancement of water quality management strategies in these zones by studying...

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    authors: Sámano ML,Pérez ML,Claramunt I,García A

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  • Persistent organic pollutants in marine biota of São Pedro and São Paulo Archipelago, Brazil.

    abstract::Remote islands, such as the São Pedro and São Paulo Archipelago (SPSPA), Brazil, are pristine areas. However, these locations are not exempt from the arrival of anthropogenic agents, such as persistent organic pollutants (POPs). The present study aimed to determine the occurrence and distribution of POPs in the marine...

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    authors: Dias PS,Cipro CV,Taniguchi S,Montone RC

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  • Dynamics of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in surface sediments of Cochin estuary, India.

    abstract::Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) showed significant seasonal dynamics in surface sediments of a tropical ecosystem (Cochin estuary, south west coast of India). Concentrations ranged from 304 to 5874ngg-1 in pre-monsoon, 493 to 14,149ngg-1 in monsoon, and 194 to 10,691ngg-1 in post-monsoon. The estuary was moder...

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  • Can microplastics pose a threat to ocean carbon sequestration?

    abstract::Global climate change has attracted worldwide attention. The ocean is the largest active carbon pool on the planet and plays an important role in global climate change. However, marine plastic pollution is getting increasingly serious due to the large consumption and mismanagement of global plastics. The impact of mar...

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  • Assessment of sediment quality using different pollution indicators and statistical analyses, Hurghada area, Red Sea coast, Egypt.

    abstract::Thirty bottom sediment samples were collected from northern Hurghada coast, Red Sea, Egypt to evaluate the level of anthropogenic pollutants, using enrichment factor (EF), potential ecological risk index (PERI), soil pollution index (SPI), potential contamination index (Cp) and multivariate statistical analysis (corre...

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  • Sediment records of polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) in Yangtze River Delta of Yangtze River in China.

    abstract::The spatial and temporal distributions of polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) were investigated in five sediment cores from the Yangtze River Delta of Yangtze River in China. The surficial concentrations of nine tri- through hepta-BDE congeners (Σ9BDEs) and BDE209 were highest at urban sites S3 and S2, followed by ...

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  • Distribution and enrichment of trace metals in marine sediments from the Eastern Equatorial Atlantic, off the Coast of Ghana in the Gulf of Guinea.

    abstract::We present results of a preliminary geochemical assessment of Cd, Pb, V, As, Ni, Cu, Zn, Mg, Al, K, Ca, and Fe in marine sediments from the Eastern Equatorial Atlantic, off the Coast of Ghana. Samples were taken along 4 regions G1, G2, G3 and G4 at approximately 25m, 100m, and 250m, 500m and 1000m depths. Elemental co...

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  • Trace element concentrations and their potential ecological risk in the reef sediments of coral islands, Vembar group of islands, Gulf of Mannar, India.

    abstract::The present work was undertaken to assess the impact of trace element concentration and the status of potential ecological risk in the reef sediments of the Vembar group of islands, Gulf of Mannar Marine National Park, India. Totally, 114 reef sediments (surface) were collected from the Vembar group of islands (Nallat...

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  • Essential element Cu and non-essential element Hg exposures have different toxicological effects in the liver of large yellow croaker.

    abstract::The objective was to compare the different effects of essential element Cu and non-essential element Hg on antioxidant and inflammatory responses in the liver of large yellow croaker Larimichthys crocea. Fish were exposed to Cu stresses (72 and 288 μg L-1) and Hg stresses (14 and 56 μg L-1) for 96 h. High-dose Cu incr...

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    authors: Zeng L,Ai C,Zhang J,Zheng J

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  • The roles of flowering, overwinter survival and sea surface temperature in the long-term population dynamics of Zostera marina around the Isles of Scilly, UK.

    abstract::Interaction between biotic and abiotic drivers of dynamics is an important topic in ecology. Despite numerous short-term studies, there is a paucity of evidence about how environmental structure modifies dynamics in marine systems. We quantified Zostera marina flowering and non-flowering shoot density annually from 19...

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    authors: Potouroglou M,Kenyon EJ,Gall A,Cook KJ,Bull JC

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  • Heavy metals in red crabs, Chaceon quinquedens, from the Gulf of Mexico.

    abstract::The red crab, Chaceon quinquedens, is distributed in deep waters of the Gulf of Mexico (GOM) and is most abundant in an area associated with sediment deposition from the Mississippi River. Sediment geochemistry and biological and ecological traits of red crabs favor accumulation of contaminants. Red crabs, sediment, a...

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    authors: Perry H,Isphording W,Trigg C,Riedel R

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  • Fishing marine debris in a northeast Brazilian beach: Composition, abundance and tidal changes.

    abstract::This study aims to examine the composition and the spatial/tidal changes of marine debris caught with a fishing net during a fishery survey in two different areas of a sand beach at the northeast of Brazil. Samples were conducted weekly, at each moon phase, for two months using a beach seine net in the surf zone. Abun...

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