Synthesis of citric acid functionalized magnetic graphene oxide coated corn straw for methylene blue adsorption.


:The citric acid functionalized magnetic graphene oxide coated corn straw (CA-mGOCS) as a new adsorbent was synthesized in this work for the elimination of methylene blue (MB) from waste water. The as-prepared CA-mGOCS was tested by SEM, FTIR, XRD, Roman spectrum, TGA, particle size analyzer, BET and magnetic properties analyzer. Some factors affecting adsorption removal efficiency were explored. As a result, the addition of 5g CS (CA-mGO5CS) had the better adsorption performance than other adsorbents. The pseudo-second-order model and the Freundlich described the adsorption behavior well. The equilibrium adsorption capacity was 315.5mgg-1 for MB at pH=12 and 298k. The electrostatic incorporation as well as hydrophobic interactions between CA-mGO5CS and MB determined the favourable adsorption property. Besides, the thermodynamic studies results ΔG<0, ΔH<0, ΔS<0 suggested that the adsorption was a spontaneous, exothermic and randomness decrease process. Finally, reusability studies imply that CA-mGO5CS has an excellent reproducibility.


Bioresour Technol


Bioresource technology


Ge H,Wang C,Liu S,Huang Z




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  • Comparison of kinetic analysis methods in thermal decomposition of cattle manure by themogravimetric analysis.

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  • Management of root lesion nematode, Pratylenchus delattrei in crossandra using oil cakes.

    abstract::Selected oil cakes, neem, castor and mahua, were tried independently and in combination with a chemical nematicide (carbofuran 3G) for the management of Pratylenchus delattrei in crossandra under glass house conditions. The neem oil cake was effective compared to other oil cakes used and there was a synergistic effect...

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  • Cationized starch-based material as a new ion-exchanger adsorbent for the removal of C.I. Acid Blue 25 from aqueous solutions.

    abstract::This article describes the use of a cationized starch-based material as new ion-exchanger adsorbent for the removal of C.I. Acid Blue 25 (AB 25) from aqueous solutions. Batch adsorption studies concerning the effects of contact time, pH and temperature are presented and discussed. Adsorption experimental data showed t...

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  • Prediction of removal efficiency of Lanaset Red G on walnut husk using artificial neural network model.

    abstract::An artificial neural network (ANN) model was used to predict removal efficiency of Lanaset Red (LR) G on walnut husk (WH). This adsorbent was characterized by FTIR-ATR. Effects of particle size, adsorbent dose, initial pH value, dye concentration, and contact time were investigated to optimize sorption process. Operat...

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  • High-rate partial nitrification treatment of reject water as a pretreatment for anaerobic ammonium oxidation (anammox).

    abstract::In this study, a lab-scale swim-bed partial nitrification reactor was developed to treat ammonium-rich reject water to achieve an appropriate NO(2)(-)-N/NH(4)(+)-N mixture that could serve as a pretreatment for anaerobic ammonium oxidation (anammox). Strictly controlling the DO concentration was adopted as the main op...

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  • Response of humic acid formation to elevated nitrate during chicken manure composting.

    abstract::Nitrate can stimulate microbes to degrade aromatic compounds, whereas humic acid (HA) as a high molecular weight aromatic compound, its formation may be affected by elevated nitrate during composting. Therefore, this study is conducted to determine the effect of elevated nitrate on HA formation. Five tests were execut...

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  • Dynamic changes in fermentation profiles and bacterial community composition during sugarcane top silage fermentation: A preliminary study.

    abstract::Investigating the dynamic changes in bacterial community composition during sugarcane top silage production starting in late March and finishing in late June (storage temperature: 20 to 35 °C) will advance our understanding of ensilage in hot ambient temperatures. The results showed that, the fermentation process was ...

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  • Effect of chemical treatments on water sorption and mechanical properties of flax fibres.

    abstract::In this work, in order to improve the adhesion between a polyester matrix (unsaturated polyester resin) and flax fibres (Linum usitatissimum L.) and to increase their moisture resistance, chemical surface treatments have been used. These different treatments were performed with maleic anhydride (MA), acetic anhydride ...

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