Survival and bioprosthetic valve failure. Ten-year follow-up.


:Between 1976 and 1982, 413 consecutive patients underwent valvular replacement with a bioprosthesis. Aortic valve replacement was performed in 240 patients, mitral valve replacement in 132, and multiple-valve replacement in 41. Four prostheses were employed: Carpentier-Edwards porcine (n = 336), Angel-Shiley porcine (n = 23), Hancock porcine (n = 11), and Ionescu-Shiley pericardial (n = 43). Follow-up was conducted between 5 and 12 years postoperatively and was 98% complete. Survival was 65 +/- 4% at 10 years and was independently influenced by advancing age, poor ventricular function, male sex, concomitant coronary artery bypass surgery, and valvular type. The risk of structural valvular dysfunction, reoperation, and any valve-related mortality and morbidity was significantly increased with the Ionescu-Shiley pericardial prosthesis. Long-term survival after valvular replacement was influenced by patient- and valve-related factors. The Ionescu-Shiley pericardial valve had an unusually high incidence of premature failure.






Teoh KH,Ivanov J,Weisel RD,Darcel IC,Rakowski H


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1989-09-01 00:00:00




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  • Genetic variation in lectin-like oxidized low-density lipoprotein receptor 1 (LOX1) gene and the risk of coronary artery disease.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:We examined the association of 3 polymorphisms in the lectin-like oxidized LDL receptor-1 (LOX1 or OLR1) gene with coronary artery disease in the Women's Ischemia Syndrome Evaluation (WISE) study population. METHODS AND RESULTS:The WISE sample comprised 589 white and 122 black women who underwent angiograph...


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  • Gene polymorphisms for plasminogen activator inhibitor-1/tissue plasminogen activator and development of allograft coronary artery disease.

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  • Mechanism of ST elevation and ventricular arrhythmias in an experimental Brugada syndrome model.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Although phase 2 reentry is said to be responsible for initiation of ventricular tachycardia (VT) in Brugada syndrome, information about the activation sequence during VT is limited. METHODS AND RESULTS:We developed an experimental Brugada syndrome model using a canine isolated right ventricular preparation...


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  • Coronary atherosclerosis. A multifactorial disease.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Several of the theories on the pathogenesis of atherosclerosis may be integrated into a single multifactorial one. According to this theory, the most likely sequence of events involved in early atherosclerosis is vascular dysfunction and/or injury, monocyte recruitment and macrophage formation, lipid deposit...


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  • Cytomegalovirus infection impairs the nitric oxide synthase pathway: role of asymmetric dimethylarginine in transplant arteriosclerosis.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:We hypothesized that cytomegalovirus (CMV) may contribute to the vasculopathy observed in cardiac allograft recipients by impairing the endothelial nitric oxide synthase pathway. We focused on asymmetric dimethylarginine (ADMA, the endogenous inhibitor of nitric oxide synthase) as a potential mediator of the...


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  • Congenital aneurysm (diverticulum) of the right atrium. Clinical manifestations and results of operative treatment.

    abstract::A patient is described in whom a large congenital aneurysm or diverticulum of the right atrium caused repeated attacks of supraventricular arrhythmia and a strikingly reduced cardiac output. The aneurysm, which contained a large thrombus, was demonstrated by preoperative angiographic examinations. At the time of opera...


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  • Improved efficiency of treadmill exercise testing using a multiple lead ECG system and basic hemodynamic exercise response.

    abstract::One hundred consecutive men with a normal ECG at rest had a maximal treadmill test using 14 leads during and post-exercise. Coronary arteriography performed the following day revealed coronary stenoses greater than or equal to 70% in 66 patients. Test results obtained from a V5 lead were compared to different lead com...


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  • Beat-to-beat analysis of left ventricular pressure-volume relation and stroke volume by conductance catheter and aortic Modelflow in cardiomyoplasty patients.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Since the clinical introduction of dynamic cardiomyoplasty, a discrepancy has been observed between unchanged measurements of cardiac function and improved clinical outcome. METHODS AND RESULTS:We performed a beat-to-beat analysis of cardiac performance at rest in nine cardiomyoplasty patients 6 to 24 month...


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  • Assessment of systemic right ventricular function in patients with transposition of the great arteries using the myocardial performance index: comparison with cardiac magnetic resonance imaging.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Assessment of systemic right ventricular (RV) function is a key point in the follow-up of patients with transposition of the great arteries (TGA). Current echocardiographic assessment of RV function is at best an estimate, and cardiac magnetic resonance (CMR) is considered the gold standard. However, this te...


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  • Peripartum cardiomyopathy as a part of familial dilated cardiomyopathy.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Anecdotal cases of familial clustering of peripartum cardiomyopathy (PPCM) and familial occurrences of PPCM and idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) together have been observed, suggesting that genetic factors play a role in the pathogenesis of PPCM. We hypothesized that some cases of PPCM are part of the...


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  • Mechanisms responsible for inhibition of vein-graft arteriosclerosis by fish oil.

    abstract::Favorable changes in lipoproteins, inhibition of platelet aggregation, reduction of serum thromboxane (TX), altered plasma-membrane fluidity, and reduced production of growth factors (mitogens) have all been implicated as possibly being involved in the inhibition of arteriosclerosis by fish oil (FO), which is rich in ...


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  • Continuous 24-hour assessment of the neural regulation of systemic arterial pressure and RR variabilities in ambulant subjects.

    abstract::In this study, we tested the hypothesis that the neural control of circulation in humans undergoes continuous but in part predictable changes throughout the day and night. Dynamic 24-hour recordings were obtained in two groups of ambulant subjects. In 18 hospitalized patients free to move, direct high-fidelity arteria...


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  • Implications of the failure to identify high-risk electrocardiogram findings for the quality of care of patients with acute myocardial infarction: results of the Emergency Department Quality in Myocardial Infarction (EDQMI) study.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:The impact of misinterpretation of the ECG in patients with acute myocardial infarction (AMI) in the emergency department (ED) setting is not well known. Our goal was to assess the prevalence of the failure to identify high-risk ECG findings in ED patients with AMI and to determine whether this failure is as...


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  • Cardiac effects of acute ethanol ingestion unmasked by autonomic blockade.

    abstract::We assessed the effects of ethanol and autonomic blockade on left ventricular function in nine normal subjects, age 20--35 years, using M-mode echocardiography and systolic time intervals. On day 1, measurements were made of heart rate, mean velocity of circumferential fiber shortening, and left ventricular pre-ejecti...


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  • National survey of coronary artery bypass grafting for coronary stenosis caused by Kawasaki disease in Japan.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:We surveyed the national experience of coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG) for coronary sequelae of Kawasaki disease (kDa) in 2002. METHODS AND RESULTS:A questionnaire was returned from 323/552 (59%) institutions. Two hundred forty-four patients (188 male 56 female) since 1975 were identified. The mean n...


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    authors: Tsuda E,Kitamura S,Cooperative Study Group of Japan.

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  • Outcome in medically treated coronary artery disease. Ischemic events: nonfatal infarction and death.

    abstract::In this study we extended the characterization of outcome in 1214 medically treated patients with coronary disease by considering nonfatal infarction and death together as ischemic events. At 7 years, the cumulative event rate was 47% (18% for nonfatal infarction as the initial event and 29% for death as the initial e...


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  • Tight heart rate control reduces secondary adverse events in patients with type B acute aortic dissection.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Although type B aortic dissection has been treated with beta blockers to lower the arterial blood pressure (BP), there has been little evidences about reduction in heart rate (HR). We assessed whether tight HR control improved the outcome of medical treatment in patients with aortic dissection. METHODS AND ...


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  • Results of Prevention of REStenosis with Tranilast and its Outcomes (PRESTO) trial.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Restenosis after percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) is a major problem affecting 15% to 30% of patients after stent placement. No oral agent has shown a beneficial effect on restenosis or on associated major adverse cardiovascular events. In limited trials, the oral agent tranilast has been shown to de...


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  • Increased neointimal formation after surgical vein grafting in a murine model of type 2 diabetes.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Diabetes is an independent risk factor for the development of neointimal hyperplasia and subsequent vein graft failure after coronary or peripheral artery bypass grafting. We evaluate a new mouse model of surgical vein grafting to investigate the mechanisms of neointimal formation in the setting of type 2 di...


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  • Improved vascular endothelial function after oral B vitamins: An effect mediated through reduced concentrations of free plasma homocysteine.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Hyperhomocysteinemia is an independent risk factor for coronary heart disease (CHD). Dietary supplementation with B vitamins lowers plasma homocysteine by up to 30%. However, little is known about the potential beneficial effects of homocysteine lowering on vascular function in patients with CHD. METHODS AN...


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  • Usefulness of fractional flow reserve to predict clinical outcome after balloon angioplasty.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:After regular coronary balloon angioplasty, it would be helpful to identify those patients who have a low cardiac event rate. Coronary angiography alone is not sensitive enough for that purpose, but it has been suggested that the combination of optimal angiographic and optimal functional results indicates a ...


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  • Enzymatic activity of lysosomal carboxypeptidase (cathepsin) A is required for proper elastic fiber formation and inactivation of endothelin-1.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Lysosomal carboxypeptidase, cathepsin A (protective protein, CathA), is a component of the lysosomal multienzyme complex along with beta-galactosidase (GAL) and sialidase Neu1, where it activates Neu1 and protects GAL and Neu1 against the rapid proteolytic degradation. On the cell surface, CathA, Neu1, and t...


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    authors: Seyrantepe V,Hinek A,Peng J,Fedjaev M,Ernest S,Kadota Y,Canuel M,Itoh K,Morales CR,Lavoie J,Tremblay J,Pshezhetsky AV

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  • Benefit of oral anticoagulant over antiplatelet therapy in atrial fibrillation depends on the quality of international normalized ratio control achieved by centers and countries as measured by time in therapeutic range.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Oral anticoagulation (OAC) therapy is effective in atrial fibrillation but requires vigilance to maintain the international normalized ratio in the therapeutic range. This report examines how differences in time in therapeutic range (TTR) between centers and between countries affect the outcomes of OAC thera...


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  • Thrombolytic and pharmacokinetic properties of chimeric tissue-type and urokinase-type plasminogen activators.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Chimeric molecules comprising the A-chain of tissue-type plasminogen activator (t-PA) and the catalytic domain of urokinase-type plasminogen activator (u-PA) have intact enzymatic characteristics of u-PA, partial fibrin-binding properties of t-PA, and thrombolytic properties in animal models comparable with ...


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  • Renal dysfunction as a predictor of stroke and systemic embolism in patients with nonvalvular atrial fibrillation: validation of the R(2)CHADS(2) index in the ROCKET AF (Rivaroxaban Once-daily, oral, direct factor Xa inhibition Compared with vitamin K ant

    abstract:BACKGROUND:We sought to define the factors associated with the occurrence of stroke and systemic embolism in a large, international atrial fibrillation (AF) trial. METHODS AND RESULTS:In ROCKET AF (Rivaroxaban Once-daily, oral, direct factor Xa inhibition Compared with vitamin K antagonism for prevention of stroke and...


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    更新日期:2013-01-15 00:00:00

  • Prediction of cardiac events after uncomplicated myocardial infarction: a prospective study comparing predischarge exercise thallium-201 scintigraphy and coronary angiography.

    abstract::The ability of predischarge quantitative exercise thallium-201 (201T1) scintigraphy to predict future cardiac events was evaluated prospectively in 140 consecutive patients with uncomplicated acute myocardial infarction; the results were compared with those of submaximal exercise treadmill testing and coronary angiogr...


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    authors: Gibson RS,Watson DD,Craddock GB,Crampton RS,Kaiser DL,Denny MJ,Beller GA

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  • Improving Assessment of Drug Safety Through Proteomics: Early Detection and Mechanistic Characterization of the Unforeseen Harmful Effects of Torcetrapib.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Early detection of adverse effects of novel therapies and understanding of their mechanisms could improve the safety and efficiency of drug development. We have retrospectively applied large-scale proteomics to blood samples from ILLUMINATE (Investigation of Lipid Level Management to Understand its Impact in...


    pub_type: 杂志文章,随机对照试验


    authors: Williams SA,Murthy AC,DeLisle RK,Hyde C,Malarstig A,Ostroff R,Weiss SJ,Segal MR,Ganz P

    更新日期:2018-03-06 00:00:00

  • Inherited Thoracic Aortic Disease: New Insights and Translational Targets.

    abstract::Inherited thoracic aortopathies denote a group of congenital conditions that predispose to disease of the thoracic aorta. Aortic wall weakness and abnormal aortic hemodynamic profiles predispose these patients to dilatation of the thoracic aorta, which is generally silent but can precipitate aortic dissection or ruptu...


    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Fletcher AJ,Syed MBJ,Aitman TJ,Newby DE,Walker NL

    更新日期:2020-05-12 00:00:00

  • Autoregulation of cardiac output by passive elastic characteristics of the vascular capacitance system.

    abstract::After a change in cardiac output, the magnitude of potential blood volume redistribution was investigated in 10 dogs anesthetized with chloralose. All of the venous return was pumped into a reservoir, using servocontrolled pumps to maintain fixed superior and inferior vena cava pressures. The cardiac output was set at...


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    authors: Rothe CF,Gaddis ML

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  • Dietary alpha-lipoic acid supplementation inhibits atherosclerotic lesion development in apolipoprotein E-deficient and apolipoprotein E/low-density lipoprotein receptor-deficient mice.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Vascular inflammation and lipid deposition are prominent features of atherosclerotic lesion formation. We have shown previously that the dithiol compound alpha-lipoic acid (LA) exerts antiinflammatory effects by inhibiting tumor necrosis factor-alpha- and lipopolysaccharide-induced endothelial and monocyte a...


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    authors: Zhang WJ,Bird KE,McMillen TS,LeBoeuf RC,Hagen TM,Frei B

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