Oligosaccharides containing an α-(1→2) (glucosyl/xylosyl)-fructosyl linkage as inducer molecules of trichothecene biosynthesis for Fusarium graminearum.


:Fructo-oligosaccharides containing a sucrose unit are reported as carbon sources necessary for trichothecene production by Fusarium graminearum. Here we demonstrate that trichothecene production is induced when at least 100μM sucrose is added to a culture medium containing 333mM glucose in a 24-well plate. When glucose, the main carbon source of the medium, was replaced with galactose, maltose, or sorbitol, the addition of 100μM sucrose could no longer induce trichothecene production. However, replacing half the amount of each carbon source with glucose restored the trichothecene production-inducing activity of sucrose. Detailed investigations with media containing various concentrations of galactose and glucose as carbon sources suggested that operation of the galactose catabolic pathway for energy conservation affected trichothecene biosynthesis induction by sucrose. Trichothecene production was also induced by 100μM of either raffinose or xylosucrose in axenic liquid culture medium containing glucose as the major carbon source. These results demonstrate that sucrose derivatives are not necessary as a carbon source for inducing trichothecene biosynthesis, and that the minimum structural requirement for sugars to function as trichothecene production-inducer molecules is to contain an α-(1→2) (glucosyl/xylosyl)-fructosyl linkage.


Int J Food Microbiol


Nakajima Y,Maeda K,Jin Q,Takahashi-Ando N,Kanamaru K,Kobayashi T,Kimura M




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