We Need to Talk: Disclosure of Sexual Problems Is Associated With Depression, Sexual Functioning, and Relationship Satisfaction in Women.


:Women with sexual problems (e.g., difficulties with desire, arousal, lubrication, orgasm, and pain during sexual activity) experience more depressive symptoms, and poorer sexual functioning and relationship satisfaction compared with unaffected women. A robust literature highlights the importance of sexual communication, and sexual self-disclosures in particular, for the well-being of individuals in romantic relationships. However, little is known about the disclosure of sexual problems to romantic partners and its association with women's psychological, sexual, and relationship well-being. This study examined the proportion of women (N = 277) who disclose (vs. do not disclose) sexual problems to their partner, and the consequences of disclosure. Women (Mage = 29.79, SD = 6.54) completed online validated measures assessing sexual problems, relationship satisfaction, sexual functioning, and depressive symptoms. The majority (69.3%) reported disclosing sexual problems to their current romantic partner. Disclosers reported fewer depressive symptoms, and greater sexual functioning and relationship satisfaction compared to nondisclosers. Disclosing sexual problems may benefit women's well-being by enhancing intimacy or allowing couples to adapt sexual activities to accommodate sexual problems. Clinicians might use cognitive-behavioral strategies to assist women in disclosing sexual problems to partners to maximize the potential psychological, sexual, and relationship benefits.


J Sex Marital Ther


Merwin KE,O'Sullivan LF,Rosen NO




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