Response of anodic bacterial community to the polarity inversion for chloramphenicol reduction.


:Chloramphenicol (CAP) is a frequently detected environmental pollutant. In this study, an electroactive biofilm for CAP reduction was established by initially in the anode and then inverting to the cathode. The established biocathode could enhance the reduction of CAP to the nitro-group reduced CAP (AMCl2) and further dechlorinated form (AMCl), both had lost the antibacterial activity. The phylogenetic diversity of the acclimated biofilm was decreased after the polar inversion. Proportions of functional bacterial genera, including Geobacter, Desulfovibrio and Pseudomonas responsible for the bidirectional electron transfer and nitroaromatics reduction, had increased 28%, 104% and 43% in the cathode. The relatively high abundances (over 50%) of Geobacter in anode and cathode were rarely detected for the nitroaromatics reduction. This study provides new insights into the electroactive biofilm structure improvement by the polarity inversion strategy for refractory antibiotics degradation.


Bioresour Technol


Bioresource technology


Yun H,Kong D,Liang B,Cui M,Li Z,Wang A




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2016-12-01 00:00:00












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  • Pyrolysis kinetics of biomass wastes using isoconversional methods and the distributed activation energy model.

    abstract::In this work, a thermogravimetric analyser was used to assess the pyrolysis kinetics of pineapple, orange and mango peel wastes and agro-industrial by-products, rice husk and pine wood. Five isoconversional methods (KAS, FWO, Starink, Vyazovkin and Friedman) and one model-fitting method (DAEM) accurately fitted the ex...

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    abstract::A novel three-stage bioprocess achieved 75% volatile solids (VS) removal at an organic loading rate (OLR) of 4g VSL(-1)day, a solids retention time (SRT) of 66days, a hydraulic retention time (HRT) of 20days, at a temperature of 35 degrees C. The bioprocess consisted of an anaerobic hydrolytic reactor (HR) where the s...

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  • High-rate composting-vermicomposting of water hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes, Mart. Solms).

    abstract::In an attempt to develop a system with which the aquatic weed water hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes, Mart. Solms) can be economically processed to generate vermicompost in large quantities, the weed was first composted by a 'high-rate' method and then subjected to vermicomposting in reactors operating at much larger de...

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  • Enhanced enzymatic saccharification of sugarcane bagasse pretreated by combining O2 and NaOH.

    abstract::Sugarcane bagasse pretreated by combining O2 and NaOH with different variables was conducted to improve its enzymatic digestibility and sugar recovery, and the results were compared with sole NaOH pretreatment. Lignin removal for O2-NaOH pretreatment was around 10% higher than that for sole NaOH pretreatment under the...

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  • A thermophilic α-galactosidase from Neosartorya fischeri P1 with high specific activity, broad substrate specificity and significant hydrolysis ability of soymilk.

    abstract::An extracellular α-galactosidase (Gal27A) with high specific activity of 423Umg(-1) was identified in thermophilic Neosartorya fischeri P1. Its coding gene (1680bp) was cloned and functionally expressed in Pichia pastoris. Sequence analysis indicated that deduced Gal27A contains a catalytic domain of glycoside hydrola...

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  • Petrochemical wastewater odor treatment by biofiltration.

    abstract::The treatment of odorous pollutants by microorganisms on packed waste straw and cortex was investigated at the wastewater treatment plant of the Shanghai petrochemical factory. The removal efficiency of H(2)S, NH(3) and VOCs (volatile organic compounds) reached 98%, 91% and 90%, respectively after operation for one mo...

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