Quality of sleep in renal transplant recipients and patients on hemodialysis.


BACKGROUND:Sleep disorders are very common in patients with chronic kidney disease and they may not always subside after kidney transplantation. AIM AND METHODS:The aim of this cross-sectional study was to evaluate the self-reported quality of sleep, insomnia problems in particular, and examine the factors that disturb sleep of kidney transplant recipients (KTx: n=152) in comparison to age- and sex-matched patients on dialysis (HD: n=67) and participants with normal renal function (NOR: n=49), through the administration of the Athens Insomnia Scale (AIS) at least six months after transplantation. Clinical and laboratory data, as well as health-related quality of life, depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress symptoms, and the presence of restless legs syndrome (RLS) and pruritus were investigated in relation to sleep problems. RESULTS:The highest mean AIS score was observed in the transplant patients (KTx: 4.6±13.3 vs. HD: 3.8±8.1 vs. NOR: 2.4±10.2); both KTx and HD patients had a lower quality of sleep compared to participants with normal renal function. Multiple linear regression analysis showed that the determinants of the total AIS score were the frequency of post-traumatic stress symptoms, depression, RLS, diastolic blood pressure, and pain (all p<0.0001). CONCLUSION:Although amelioration of renal function post-transplantation improves several aspects of quality of life, it does not seem to have a beneficial effect on self-reported sleep.


J Psychosom Res


Liaveri PG,Dikeos D,Ilias I,Lygkoni EP,Boletis IN,Skalioti C,Paparrigopoulos T




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