Contralateral Autologous Corneal Transplantation Experience in Mexico City.


PURPOSE:The aim of this study is to expand the limited knowledge regarding autologous contralateral penetrating keratoplasty. METHODS:We report the retrospective outcomes of patients who received autokeratoplasty and contralateral opaque corneas in the donor eye at a tertiary care ophthalmology hospital in Mexico City. RESULTS:Eleven patients received autokeratoplasty and contralateral opaque corneas in the donor eye at our center from 2010 to 2015. The mean patient age at the time of surgery was 58 years (range, 35-85 yrs), with 4 female and 7 male patients. There were no surgical or immediate postsurgical complications in the autokeratoplasty eye. However, 1 patient had expulsive hemorrhage in the sightless eye. Follow-up duration ranged from 11 to 65 months (mean, 26 mo). During follow-up, 3 of the autokeratoplasty procedures failed because of endothelial attenuation. Identified known risk factors for failure of the eye with visual potential included the presence of an Ahmed glaucoma drainage device in 7/11 patients (63%), history of glaucoma in 8/11 (72%), past heterologous penetrating keratoplasty in 2/11 (18%), Vogt-Koyanagi-Harada syndrome in 1/11 (9%), and 4-quadrant corneal vascularization in 1/11 (9%). CONCLUSIONS:Autokeratoplasty is a good choice in cases having high risk factors and when fresh corneal tissue is not available. This is the largest study describing outcomes of patients who underwent autokeratoplasty. This technique offers no risk of immune rejection and no need for immunosuppression treatment. This study reports a good prognosis in cases having high risk factors for failure.






Perez-Balbuena AL,Ancona-Lezama D,Delgado-Pelayo S,Martinez JD




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