Current Management of the Axilla.


:Despite advances in estimating prognosis and predicting response to adjuvant systemic therapy, the status of the axillary lymph nodes remains a critical component in initial surgical planning and in determining therapeutic strategies for patients with breast cancer. Buoyed by evidence from multi-institutional randomized clinical trials, the last 2 decades have witnessed remarkable and practice-changing advances in our approach to the axilla. This review concentrates on the current best practice in axillary management for both node-negative and node-positive patients, with particular focus on the evolving management of the axilla in the era of neoadjuvant systemic therapy.


Clin Obstet Gynecol


McCARTAN D,Gemignani ML




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  • Saving mother's lives: programs that work.

    abstract::Maternal mortality is a complex problem requiring complex responses. Nevertheless, every intervention must operate through one of 3 pathways: preventing pregnancy, preventing complications, or preventing death when obstetric complications occur. We describe interventions following each pathway and assess their evidenc...

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  • The Utilization of Interventional Radiologic Procedures in the Surgical Management of Placenta Accreta Syndrome.

    abstract::The role of Interventional radiologic procedures for the management of suspected placenta accreta spectrum (PAS) has evolved considerably over last 3 decades. In this article, the authors describe the various techniques of vascular occlusion for the management of PAS and provide a brief review of the literature examin...

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