The methylation of nuclear and mitochondrial DNA in ageing phenotypes and longevity.


:An increasing body of data is progressively indicating that the comprehension of the epigenetic landscape, actively integrated with the genetic elements, is crucial to delineate the molecular basis of the inter-individual complexity of ageing process. Indeed, it has emerged that DNA methylation changes occur during ageing, consisting mainly in a progressive process of genome demethylation, in a hypermethylation of gene-specific CpG dinucleotides, as well as in an inter-individual divergence of the epigenome due to stochastic events and environmental exposures throughout life, namely as epigenetic drift. Additionally, it has also come to light an implication of the mitochondrial genome in the regulation of the intracellular epigenetic landscape, as demonstrated by the being itself object of epigenetic modifications. An overview of DNA methylation changes occurring during ageing process at both nuclear and mitochondrial level will be described in this review, also taking into account the recent and promising data available on the 5-hydroxymethylcytosine.


Mech Ageing Dev


Bacalini MG,D'Aquila P,Marasco E,Nardini C,Montesanto A,Franceschi C,Passarino G,Garagnani P,Bellizzi D




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  • Resistance to silica-induced lung fibrosis in senescent rats: role of alveolar macrophages and tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF).

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  • Age-related increases in mitogenic responses and natural immunity to a syngeneic fibrosarcoma in rats.

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  • Structure of cristae in cardiac mitochondria of aged rat.

    abstract::Interfibrillar mitochondria (IFM) of the heart in aged Fischer 344 rats show a biochemical defect which might be reflected in their morphology. We examined by high resolution scanning electron microscopy over 5500 mitochondria to determine if a concomitant structural alteration existed. This methodology provides a mea...

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  • Using the Gompertz-Strehler model of aging and mortality to explain mortality trends in industrialized countries.

    abstract::Mortality trends in industrialized countries are characterized by declines in vascular disease (ischemic heart disease and stroke) and rises in cancers and degenerative diseases. These trends are typically analyzed by examining each disorder in isolation using the perspective of genetic and environmental influences. H...

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  • Effects of long-term, low-dose growth hormone therapy on immune function and life expectancy of mice.

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  • Aggrecan expression is substantially and abnormally upregulated in Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria Syndrome dermal fibroblasts.

    abstract::Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria syndrome (HGPS) is a rare genetic disorder that displays features of segmental aging. It is manifested predominantly in connective tissue, with most prominent histological changes occurring in the skin, cartilage, bone and cardiovascular tissues. Detailed quantitative real time reverse-tran...

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  • Related age changes in the elastase and lipid contents of normal and hemiplegic subjects of various ages.

    abstract::Elastase and lipid levels of the plasmas of subjects and of those who have suffered a stroke have been measured, and it has been shown that the normal age related fall in elastase content is mirrored more closely by the fall in high density lipoprotein cholesterol than by changes in total cholesterol. After a stroke a...

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  • Measurement of the molecular weight distributions in human muscular deoxyribonucleic acid.

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  • Amplification of extrachromosomal small circular DNAs in a murine model of accelerated senescence. A brief note.

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  • Effect of donor age on long-term culture of bone marrow in vitro.

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  • Mitochondria-targeted redox probes as tools in the study of oxidative damage and ageing.

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  • The Caenorhabditis elegans nicotinamidase PNC-1 enhances survival.

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  • Calcium sensitivity of myocardial actomyosin ATPase in young and mature male Fischer rats. A brief note.

    abstract::Although myocardial actomyosin ATPase specific activity determined at Ca2+ levels of 1 x 10(-3) to 1 x 10(-2) M is consistently higher in two-month old male Fischer rats than in twelve-month old individuals, this difference can be eliminated if the enzyme is assayed at lower calcium concentrations. This suggests that ...

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  • Calorie restriction improves aging-induced impairment of cognitive function in relation to deregulation of corticosterone status and brain regional GABA system.

    abstract::Aging is known to affect adversely the corticosterone status and the brain function including cognition. Calorie restricted (CR) diet has been found to improve brain aging. The objective of the present investigation is to study the effect of short-term CR diet without any food deprivation on aging-induced impairment o...

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  • Amyloid precursor protein, heat-shock proteins, and Bcl-2 form a complex in mitochondria and modulate mitochondria function and apoptosis in N2a cells.

    abstract::Neurons that degenerate in the brains of persons with Alzheimer's disease accumulate mitochondrial amyloid precursor protein (APP), which is thought to negatively affect mitochondrial function and cellular homeostasis. Because proteins that enter mitochondria require assistance from chaperone proteins, we hypothesized...

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  • Role of DNA methylation in human age prediction.

    abstract::DNA methylation (DNAm) is a fundamental biochemical modification which occurs over the lifespan of an individual and it is a significant component in the aging process. Methylation level of CpG sites plays an important role in finding the age of a person. Different approaches were used to extract age-related CpG (AR-C...

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  • With mouse age comes wisdom: A review and suggestions of relevant mouse models for age-related conditions.

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  • Studying the cerebellar DNA damage response in the tissue culture dish.

    abstract::The cerebellum is exquisitely sensitive to deficiencies in the cellular response to specific DNA lesions. Genetic disorders caused by such deficiencies involve relentless, progressive cerebellar atrophy with striking loss of Purkinje and granule neurons. The reason for the extreme sensitivity of these cells to defecti...

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  • Effect of aging on human plasma growth hormone response to clonidine.

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    abstract::Pancreatic islet B cells from Sprague-Dawley and Fisher 344 rats aged 3-27 months were separated from A and D cells by centrifugation over a linear percoll density gradient, and incubated in vitro with various concentrations of glucose and somatostatin. Elevation of glucose concentration in the incubation medium from ...

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  • Altered T cell signalling in ageing.

    abstract::T cell responses are altered in the aged in a manner usually interpreted as detrimental to host defences against infectious agents and possibly also against cancer. T cell dysregulation may be caused by any or a combination of stem cell deficits, compromised T cell differentiation, inefficient antigen processing and p...

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  • Replicative potential and the duration of the cell cycle in human fibroblasts: coordinate stimulation by epidermal growth factor.

    abstract::The in vitro replicative potential of human diploid fibroblasts can be increased by polypeptide growth factors such as epidermal growth factor (EGF). Also, the cycle time of EGF-stimulated cells is, on average, decreased and their mitotic cell volume is reduced. Therefore, the regulation of cell size by the duration o...

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  • Age associated increase of single-stranded regions in the DNA of mouse brain and liver cells.

    abstract::The touch smears of brain cells and hepatocytes of young and senescent mice were stained with antibody to cytidine nucleoside by an indirect immunofluorescence technique and subsequently combined with fluorescence cresyl violet staining of DNA. Nuclear binding of the antibody which reacts only with denatured or single...

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  • Effects of calorie restriction on the age-dependent accumulation of mutations in the small intestine of lacZ-transgenic mice.

    abstract::To understand the effect of calorie restriction on genome maintenance systems, the age-dependent accumulation of mutations in animals maintained on high and low calorie diets was examined using lacZ-transgenic mice. Mice were fed a diet of 95 kcal/w or 65 kcal/w from 2 to 17 months of age. The mutation frequencies in ...

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