Effects of statin therapy on progression of mild noncalcified coronary plaque assessed by serial coronary computed tomography angiography: A multicenter prospective study.


BACKGROUND:There are limited data assessing statin therapy in patients with nonobstructive coronary plaque on coronary computed tomography angiography (CCTA). METHODS:Two hundred six consecutive patients with mild noncalcified plaque on CCTA were enrolled in this multicenter prospective observational study. Subjects were divided into 3 groups according to subsequent statin therapy: intensive statin therapy (n = 55), moderate statins (n = 85), and no statin (n = 66). Serial scans were performed after a median interval of 18 months. Low-attenuation plaque (LAP) volume, total plaque volume, and percent plaque volume were measured. RESULTS:The LAP volume, total plaque volume, and percent plaque volume showed significant regression among intensive-statin compared with no-statin group (annualized changes: -7.1 ± 13.1 vs 0.9 ± 12.7 mm(3), P< .001; -16.4 ± 35.0 vs 12.3 ± 32.4 mm(3), P< .001; and -6.2% ± 11.8% vs 3.5% ± 12.1%, P< .001, respectively). Progression of LAP volume, total plaque volume, and percent plaque volume was retarded among moderate-statin compared with no-statin group (annualized changes: -2.8 ± 7.6 vs 0.9 ± 12.7 mm(3), P= .041; -0.1 ± 25.6 vs 12.3 ± 32.4 mm(3), P= .014; and -1.8% ± 11.2% vs 3.5% ± 12.1%, P= .006, respectively). On multivariable model predicting change in total plaque volume, higher baseline LAP volume, moderate statin therapy, and intensive statin therapy were each independent predictors of plaque regression (standardized coefficients: baseline LAP volume -0.36, P< .001; moderate statin -0.21, P= .004; intensive statin -0.36, P< .001, respectively). CONCLUSIONS:This study suggests that statin treatment can retard progression and even induce regression of mild noncalcified coronary plaque. Patients with greater baseline LAP volume are more likely to benefit from statin therapy.


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American heart journal


Li Z,Hou Z,Yin W,Liu K,Gao Y,Xu H,Yu F,Ma Z,Yu W,Yang L,Lu B




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  • Use of aspirin for prevention of cardiovascular disease--1981-82 to 1985-86: the Minnesota Heart Survey.

    abstract::The efficacy of aspirin to prevent ischemic cardiovascular disease has received considerable attention recently. To determine the prevalence of aspirin use for cardiovascular disease prevention, the Minnesota Heart Survey examined population-based samples of Twin Cities' adults in 1981 to 82 and 1985 to 86. Over the 4...

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  • Exercise-induced alterations of signal-averaged electrocardiograms in marathon runners.

    abstract::Late potentials have been shown to predict malignant ventricular arrhythmias and sudden cardiac death. To determine whether prolonged, strenuous activity is associated with the development of ventricular late potentials, signal-averaged electrocardiography was performed on 30 marathon runners before, immediately after...

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  • Can the optimal type of stent be predicted based on clinical risk factors? A subgroup analysis of the randomized BASKET-PROVE trial.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:The randomized BASKET-PROVE study showed no significant differences between sirolimus-eluting stents (SES), everolimus-eluting stents (EES), and bare-metal stents (BMS) with respect to the primary end point, rates of death from cardiac causes, or myocardial infarction (MI) at 2 years of follow-up, in patient...

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