Patient Experiences of Therapeutic Jaw Exercises in the Treatment of Masticatory Myofascial Pain: A Qualitative Study.


AIMS:To investigate patients' experiences of therapeutic jaw exercises for treating masticatory myofascial pain. METHODS:A total of 10 patients were selected for the interview study. All patients had received treatment with jaw exercises at a specialist clinic. Semi-structured interviews were conducted in a nonclinical environment according to an interview guide with 10 domains. The interviews were transcribed and translated into English. Systematic text condensation (STC) was used to arrange and analyze the text material. RESULTS:In the systematic process of analyzing the qualitative data, four main themes were identified: "Patient Adherence," "Symptoms," "Treatment Effect," and "Participation." Most informants were initially skeptical of the jaw exercises due to their simplicity. Later on, the simplicity of the exercises and the fact that they did not need more advanced treatment were valued most by a majority of patients. Some informants suspected serious disease behind their symptoms. Treatment effects on pain and physical impairment were reported. To do the jaw exercises in conjunction with an already established routine seemed important to enhance adherence. Trust in the caregiver and being able to remedy their pain by themselves were also important to the informants. CONCLUSION:Jaw exercises are a useful treatment valued by patients due to their simplicity and effectiveness. However, before the treatment, patients should be informed about the cause of the symptoms, and any skepticism should be addressed. Results from this qualitative study cannot be generalized, but the study design and the selected population allow the results to be transferable to similar contexts.


Lindfors E,Hedman E,Magnusson T,Ernberg M,Gabre P




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  • Orofacial pain of muscular origin is not associated with herpes virus-6 infection: a pilot study.

    abstract:AIMS:To carry out a pilot study to test the hypothesis that human herpes virus-6 (HHV-6) infection or reactivation plays a role in the pathogenesis of temporomandibular disorders (TMD) of muscular origin (ie, localized myalgia). METHODS:Sixteen patients with localized myalgia participated in this pilot study. Thirty-s...

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