Teriparatide attenuates scarring around murine cranial bone allograft via modulation of angiogenesis.


:Nearly all bone fractures in humans can deteriorate into a non-union fracture, often due to formation of fibrotic tissue. Cranial allogeneic bone grafts present a striking example: although seemingly attractive for craniofacial reconstructions, they often fail due to fibrosis at the host-graft junction, which physically prevents the desired bridging of bone between the host and graft and revitalization of the latter. In the present study we show that intermittent treatment with recombinant parathyroid hormone-analogue (teriparatide) modulates neovascularization feeding in the graft surroundings, consequently reducing fibrosis and scar tissue formation and facilitates osteogenesis. Longitudinal inspection of the vascular tree feeding the allograft has revealed that teriparatide induces formation of small-diameter vessels in the 1st week after surgery; by the 2nd week, abundant formation of small-diameter blood vessels was detected in untreated control animals, but far less in teriparatide-treated mice, although in total, more blood capillaries were detected in the animals that were given teriparatide. By that time point we observed expression of the profibrogenic mediator TGF-β in untreated animals, but negligible expression in the teriparatide-treated mice. To evaluate the formation of scar tissue, we utilized a magnetization transfer contrast MRI protocol to differentiate osteoid tissue from scar tissue, based on the characterization of collagen fibers. Using this method we found that significantly more bone matrix was formed in animals given teriparatide than in control animals. Altogether, our findings show how teriparatide diminishes scarring, ultimately leading to superior bone graft integration.






Cohn Yakubovich D,Eliav U,Yalon E,Schary Y,Sheyn D,Cook-Wiens G,Sun S,McKenna CE,Lev S,Binshtok AM,Pelled G,Navon G,Gazit D,Gazit Z




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    abstract:INTRODUCTION:The structure of trabecular bone represents an aspect of bone properties that affects vertebral bone strength independently of bone mineral density [M. Kleerekoper, A. Villanueva, J. Stanciu, D. Rao, and A. Parfitt. The role of three-dimensional trabecular microstructure in the pathogenesis of vertebral co...


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    abstract::Collagen sponge disks (6 mm diameter, 1 mm thickness) were impregnated with recombinant human bone morphogenetic protein-2 (rhBMP-2) (5 microg/disk) and implanted onto the back muscles of mice. Ten or 20 mg/kg per day of Rolipram, a selective inhibitory agent to phosphodiesterase type 4 (PDE-4), or vehicle, was inject...


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  • Circulating sclerostin is elevated in short-term and reduced in long-term SCI.

    abstract::Spinal cord injury (SCI) causes profound bone loss due to muscle paralysis resulting in the inability to walk. Sclerostin, a Wnt signaling pathway antagonist produced by osteocytes, is a potent inhibitor of bone formation. Short-term studies in rodent models have demonstrated increased sclerostin in response to mechan...


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  • Impact microindentation assesses subperiosteal bone material properties in humans.

    abstract::Impact microindentation (IMI) is a Reference Point Indentation technique measuring tissue-level properties of cortical bone in humans in vivo. The nature, however, of the properties that can affect bone strength is incompletely understood. In the present study we examined bone material properties in transiliac bone bi...


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  • Ultrastructural localization of matrix vesicles and alkaline phosphatase in the Swarm rat chondrosarcoma: their role in cartilage calcification.

    abstract::Although it is generally acknowledged that matrix vesicles and alkaline phosphatase are required for cartilage calcification, their precise role in initiation or propagation of mineralization remains controversial. We have investigated this problem in a neoplastic model of chondrogenesis, the Swarm rat chondrosarcoma....


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    abstract::Low-intensity pulsed ultrasound (LIPUS) has distinct effects on biologic mineralization at intensities of <100 mW/cm2. Intensity-dependent differences in the pattern of accelerated mineralization may be due to different alterations in regulation of collagenous matrix formation. However, little is known about the influ...


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    abstract::Eighty-one women were studied longitudinally to measure trabecular bone mineral density (BMDTrab) and cortical bone mineral density (BMDCorti) in the distal radius by peripheral quantitative computed tomography (pQCT) at intervals of about 1 year and to calculate the rate of percent change/year. Fifty-three women were...


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  • Interaction between human umbilical vein endothelial cells and human osteoprogenitors triggers pleiotropic effect that may support osteoblastic function.

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  • Peroxisome proliferator activated receptor-gamma (PPARgamma) represses thyroid hormone signaling in growth plate chondrocytes.

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  • High levels of serum IL-18 promote cartilage loss through suppression of aggrecan synthesis.

    abstract::Osteoarthritis (OA) is closely related to the function of several inflammatory cytokines. It has been reported that older age is associated with higher serum levels of the inflammatory cytokine IL-18. In the present study, we investigated the long-term role of serum IL-18 in cartilage loss in vivo using a new strain o...


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  • Mineralization pathways in the active murine epiphyseal growth plate.

    abstract::Endochondral ossification in the growth plate of long bones involves cartilage mineralization, bone formation and the budding vasculature. Many of these processes take place in a complex and dynamic zone, the provisional ossification zone, of the growth plate. Here we investigate aspects of mineralization in 2D and 3D...


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  • Toward a unifying theory of bone remodeling.

    abstract::A theory is developed to resolve several inconsistencies between current concepts and observations about bone remodeling. For example, the observation that remodeling increases both when mechanical loading is excessively low, that is, in a disuse state, and when it is excessively high, producing substantial fatigue da...


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    authors: Martin RB

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  • Microstructural changes of osteopenic trabeculae in the rat.

    abstract::We studied the differences in the patterns of trabecular bone loss induced by various kinds of experimental osteopenia in the rat, including ovariectomy, sciatic neurotomy (partial paralysis of hind-limb), hemicordotomy (complete paralysis of hind-limb), and their combinations. The cut surface of the metaphysis of pro...


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