Facial Reanimation: Basic Surgical Tools and Creation of an Effective Toolbox for Treating Patients with Facial Paralysis. Part A: Functional Muscle Transfers in the Long-Term Facial Palsy Patient.


:The literature on facial paralysis is vast; however, detailed videos of the basic tools of dynamic reanimation within the context of patient scenarios accompanied by detailed narrative emphasizing both technique and thought processes are not common. Although not all scenarios of facial paralysis can be discussed in one setting, videographic visualization of basic surgical procedures, including facial marking, facial dissection, donor nerve preparation, cross-facial nerve graft, nerve transfers, and muscle harvest and inset, may provide a strong toolbox. Using these tools in various combinations depending on the unique case details enables the surgeon to treat a great majority of facial palsy patients. Part A, with the first of two videos, concentrates on free functional muscle transfer in the setting of longstanding facial paralysis. It includes preoperative markings, preparation of the patient in the operating room before incision, facial dissection including exposure of the masseter nerve, partial gracilis muscle harvest, and perhaps most importantly, the inset of the muscle on the paralyzed side. Part B (with the second video) concentrates on the cross-facial nerve graft and nerve transfers, used in the context of acute facial palsy, providing the short-term goal of mimetic musculature salvage in addition to longer term specific regional reinnervation by means of cross-facial nerve grafting. We hope that these videos provide a strong learning tool for enthusiastic novice medical students, residents, and fellows wishing to prepare for their cases, and faculty level physicians who wish to use them as a refresher before surgery.


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  • The association between breast surgeons' attitudes toward breast reconstruction and their reconstruction-related information-giving behaviors: a nationwide survey in Japan.

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  • Congenital skin tube pedicle associated with the constriction band syndrome.

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  • Salvage of seeing eyes after avulsion of upper and lower lids.

    abstract::It is often stated that any injury severe enough to avulse both lids will inevitably destroy the globe. Two cases are presented in which the globe was uninjured but exposed, requiring immediate coverage. Local skin flaps placed over mobilized conjunctiva were used for emergency cover. One was eventually made into func...

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  • Reverse-flow island sural flap.

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  • Photoacoustic Tomography Shows the Branching Pattern of Anterolateral Thigh Perforators In Vivo.

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  • DIEP and pedicled TRAM flaps: a comparison of outcomes.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Studies comparing similar and sizable numbers of deep inferior epigastric perforator (DIEP) and pedicled transverse rectus abdominis musculocutaneous (TRAM) flap reconstructions are lacking. The authors hoped to determine whether the DIEP flap has advantages over the pedicled TRAM flap for breast reconstruct...

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    abstract::Thirteen patients who had undergone ablative surgery for advanced squamous cell carcinoma in which more than half of the tongue had been resected underwent reconstruction in which the cutaneous nerve of a free flap was anastomosed to the stump of the transected lingual nerve. Eight of the patients underwent reconstruc...

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  • Microvascular submandibular gland transfer for severe cases of keratoconjunctivitis sicca.

    abstract::Free submandibular salivary gland transfer was investigated as a surgical method for the treatment of severe keratoconjunctivitis sicca. In an animal model, we examined the tolerance of warm ischemia of the submandibular gland. After temporary interruption of the blood supply (1 to 6 hours), the morphologic changes in...

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  • A 25-year experience with hemicorporectomy for terminal pelvic osteomyelitis.

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  • Gene therapy in plastic surgery.

    abstract::Recent developments in gene therapy have shown promise in the treatment of soft-tissue repair, bone formation, nerve regeneration, and cranial suture development. This special topic article reviews commonly used methods of gene therapy and discusses their various advantages and disadvantages. In addition, an overview ...

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  • Examination of peripheral nerves with the scanning electron microscope.

    abstract::The theoretical applications and advantages of the scanning microscope in peripheral nerve research are presented. The internal anatomy of the peripheral nerve can be distinctly examined, and long segments of axons can be examined without the necessity of tedious study of multiple sections. The SEM should make it poss...

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  • Polydioxanone Threads for Facial Rejuvenation: Analysis of Quality Variation in the Market.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Beside botulinum-toxin injections and hyaluronic acid fillers, thread lifts have established themselves as the third column of minimally invasive facial rejuvenation. Most commonly, barbed threads for this approach are made out of polydioxanone, a material known for decades from application in resorbable sut...

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  • Contradicting an established mantra: microsurgeon experience determines free flap outcome.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Since the inception and popularization of microsurgery in the 1960s and 1970s, it has been commonly accepted that the outcome of free tissue transfer directly correlates with surgeon experience. METHODS:The clinical outcomes of three young microsurgeons at a single institution were retrospectively reviewed....

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  • Congenital leukemia cutis: an unusual manifestation of a rare disease.

    abstract::This paper discusses a case of congenital leukemia cutis of lymphoblastic type presenting as a solitary frontonasal tumor. The presentation is unusual when compared with other reported cases of neonatal leukemia and represents the only reported case with comparable presenting features to the authors' knowledge. The di...

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  • Decreased thrombogenicity of vascular prostheses following gas denucleation by hydrostatic pressure.

    abstract::The high rate of thrombosis of 1.0-mm polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) grafts has limited their use in microvascular surgery. One possible reason for this is the blood-gas interface due to entrapped air in the interstices. The present study examines the effect on patency rates of elimination of this blood-gas interface ...

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  • Submucous cleft palate.

    abstract::We review 97 cases of SMCP, 79 of which were operated. The comparative results are presented. For those requiring surgery (i.e. those having hypernasality), it has been our experience that the use of a pharyngeal flap, alone or combined with a palatoplasty, is productive of better speech results than is a palatoplasty...

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  • Risk factors for infection following operative treatment of mandibular fractures: a multivariate analysis.

    abstract::Utilizing a retrospective study design and a study sample of 284 consecutive patients, we measured the association between five different risk factors and the development of infection following the operative management of mandibular fractures. The five risk factors analyzed were age, sex, number of fractures per patie...

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  • Update on ischemia-reperfusion injury for the plastic surgeon: 2011.

    abstract::Ischemia-reperfusion injury occurs when tissue is reperfused following a prolonged period of ischemia. It is a subject of interest to plastic surgeons involved in replantation, free tissue transfer, and composite tissue allotransplantation, as it can have a significant impact on the overall success of these procedures...

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  • Desmoplastic fibroma of the zygoma.

    abstract::Desmoplastic fibroma is an exceedingly rare primary bone tumor. Previous reports have not included the presentation of this tumor associated with the zygoma. This report describes the unusual presentation and surgical management of a desmoplastic fibroma of the zygoma. ...

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    authors: Smith ML,Williams JK,Gruss JS

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  • A prospective analysis of patients undergoing silicone breast implant explantation.

    abstract::Despite the lack of a scientifically proven link between silicone implants and disease, many women have chosen to have their implants removed out of concern for their health. Unfortunately, there are few studies in the literature that have investigated the outcome of explanations, and there are no prospective analyses...

    journal_title:Plastic and reconstructive surgery

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    authors: Rohrich RJ,Kenkel JM,Adams WP,Beran S,Conner WC

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  • Ring avulsion injury.

    abstract::Dependent upon the age, the occupation, and the requisites of an individual patient, the less important ulnar fingers may be of great value; in these the philosophy of discriminate preservation should be given considerable weight in the choice of treatment. Revascularization of fingers injured by a ring avulsion, and...

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