Deciphering the Routes of invasion of Drosophila suzukii by Means of ABC Random Forest.


:Deciphering invasion routes from molecular data is crucial to understanding biological invasions, including identifying bottlenecks in population size and admixture among distinct populations. Here, we unravel the invasion routes of the invasive pest Drosophila suzukii using a multi-locus microsatellite dataset (25 loci on 23 worldwide sampling locations). To do this, we use approximate Bayesian computation (ABC), which has improved the reconstruction of invasion routes, but can be computationally expensive. We use our study to illustrate the use of a new, more efficient, ABC method, ABC random forest (ABC-RF) and compare it to a standard ABC method (ABC-LDA). We find that Japan emerges as the most probable source of the earliest recorded invasion into Hawaii. Southeast China and Hawaii together are the most probable sources of populations in western North America, which then in turn served as sources for those in eastern North America. European populations are genetically more homogeneous than North American populations, and their most probable source is northeast China, with evidence of limited gene flow from the eastern US as well. All introduced populations passed through bottlenecks, and analyses reveal five distinct admixture events. These findings can inform hypotheses concerning how this species evolved between different and independent source and invasive populations. Methodological comparisons indicate that ABC-RF and ABC-LDA show concordant results if ABC-LDA is based on a large number of simulated datasets but that ABC-RF out-performs ABC-LDA when using a comparable and more manageable number of simulated datasets, especially when analyzing complex introduction scenarios.


Mol Biol Evol


Fraimout A,Debat V,Fellous S,Hufbauer RA,Foucaud J,Pudlo P,Marin JM,Price DK,Cattel J,Chen X,Deprá M,François Duyck P,Guedot C,Kenis M,Kimura MT,Loeb G,Loiseau A,Martinez-Sañudo I,Pascual M,Polihronakis Richmond M,




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  • Distortions in genealogies due to purifying selection.

    abstract::Purifying selection can substantially alter patterns of molecular evolution. Its main effect is to reduce overall levels of genetic variation, leading to a reduced effective population size. However, it also distorts genealogies relative to neutral expectations. A structured coalescent method has been used to describe...

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  • Keeping it local: evidence for positive selection in Swedish Arabidopsis thaliana.

    abstract::Detecting positive selection in species with heterogeneous habitats and complex demography is notoriously difficult and prone to statistical biases. The model plant Arabidopsis thaliana exemplifies this problem: In spite of the large amounts of data, little evidence for classic selective sweeps has been found. Moreove...

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