Gestalt laws of perceptual organization in an embedded figures task: evidence for hemispheric specialization.


:An embedded figures task was used to investigate hemispheric specialization for visual parsing. Error data from 40 normal right-handed males revealed a right-hemisphere advantage for parsing governed by the Gestalt laws of organization. In contrast, for parsing that violated those laws, subjects who could perform such parsing at better-than-chance levels showed a left-hemisphere advantage. A simple left hemisphere/analytic, right hemisphere/holistic dichotomy is too ambiguous to account for the results, because it fails to specify the level of visual structure (e.g. whole figures, intermediate components, or elementary segments) that is to be taken as a reference point for defining particular tasks as analytic or holistic; what is analytic from one point of view is holistic from another. We focus instead on principles of perceptual organization that characterize the results of perceptual processing, regardless of whether those results are seen as the outcome of analytic or holistic processing.






Van Kleeck MH,Kosslyn SM




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1989-01-01 00:00:00














  • Shape-specific activation of occipital cortex in an early blind echolocation expert.

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  • Giving, but not taking, actions are spontaneously represented as social interactions: Evidence from modulation of lower alpha oscillations.

    abstract::Unlike taking, which can be redescribed in non-social and object-directed terms, acts of giving are invariably expressed across languages in a three-argument structure relating agent, patient, and object. Developmental evidence suggests this difference in the syntactic entailment of the patient role to be rooted in a ...


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  • Verbal fluency in Huntington's disease: a longitudinal analysis of phonemic and semantic clustering and switching.

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