Phospholipid asymmetry in large unilamellar vesicles induced by transmembrane pH gradients.


:The influence of membrane pH gradients on the transbilayer distribution of some common phospholipids has been investigated. We demonstrate that the transbilayer equilibrium of the acidic phospholipids egg phosphatidylglycerol (EPG) and egg phosphatidic acid (EPA) can be manipulated by membrane proton gradients, whereas phosphatidylethanolamine, a zwitterionic phospholipid, remains equally distributed between the inner and outer monolayers of large unilamellar vesicles (LUVs). Asymmetry of EPG is examined in detail and demonstrated by employing three independent techniques: ion-exchange chromatography, 13C NMR, and periodic acid oxidation of the (exterior) EPG headgroup. In the absence of a transmembrane pH gradient (delta pH) EPG is equally distributed between the outer and inner monolayers of LUVs. When vesicles composed of either egg phosphatidylcholine (EPC) or DOPC together with 5 mol % EPG are prepared with a transmembrane delta pH (inside basic, outside acidic), EPG equilibrates across the bilayer until 80-90% of the EPG is located in the inner monolayer. Reversing the pH gradient (inside acidic, outside basic) results in the opposite asymmetry. The rate at which EPG equilibrates across the membrane is temperature dependent. These observations are consistent with a mechanism in which the protonated (neutral) species of EPG is able to traverse the bilayer. Under these circumstances EPG would be expected to equilibrate across the bilayer in a manner that reflects the transmembrane proton gradient. A similar mechanism has been demonstrated to apply to simple lipids that exhibit weak acid or base characteristics [Hope, M. J., & Cullis, P. R. (1987) J. Biol. Chem 262, 4360-4366]






Hope MJ,Redelmeier TE,Wong KF,Rodrigueza W,Cullis PR




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1989-05-16 00:00:00












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