Topography of Cells Revealed by Variable-Angle Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence Microscopy.


:We propose an improved version of variable-angle total internal reflection fluorescence microscopy (vaTIRFM) adapted to modern TIRF setup. This technique involves the recording of a stack of TIRF images, by gradually increasing the incident angle of the light beam on the sample. A comprehensive theory was developed to extract the membrane/substrate separation distance from fluorescently labeled cell membranes. A straightforward image processing was then established to compute the topography of cells with a nanometric axial resolution, typically 10-20 nm. To highlight the new opportunities offered by vaTIRFM to quantify adhesion process of motile cells, adhesion of MDA-MB-231 cancer cells on glass substrate coated with fibronectin was examined.


Biophys J


Biophysical journal


Cardoso Dos Santos M,Déturche R,Vézy C,Jaffiol R




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  • An approach for time-resolved x-ray scattering.

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  • Influence of a natural and a synthetic inhibitor of factor XIIIa on fibrin clot rheology.

    abstract::We investigated the origins of greater clot rigidity associated with FXIIIa-dependent cross-linking. Fibrin clots were examined in which cross-linking was controlled through the use of two inhibitors: a highly specific active-center-directed synthetic inhibitor of FXIIIa, 1,3-dimethyl-4,5-diphenyl-2[2(oxopropyl)thio]i...

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  • Mechanism for Anaphase B: Evaluation of "Slide-and-Cluster" versus "Slide-and-Flux-or-Elongate" Models.

    abstract::Elongation of the mitotic spindle during anaphase B contributes to chromosome segregation in many cells. Here, we quantitatively test the ability of two models for spindle length control to describe the dynamics of anaphase B spindle elongation using experimental data from Drosophila embryos. In the slide-and-flux-or-...

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  • Supercritical Angle Fluorescence Microscopy and Spectroscopy.

    abstract::Fluorescence detection, either involving propagating or near-field emission, is widely being used in spectroscopy, sensing, and microscopy. Total internal reflection fluorescence (TIRF) confines fluorescence excitation by an evanescent (near) field, and it is a popular contrast generator for surface-selective fluoresc...

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  • Ion effects on gating of the Ca(2+)-activated K+ channel correlate with occupancy of the pore.

    abstract::We studied the effects of permeant ions on the gating of the large conductance Ca(2+)-activated K+ channel from rat skeletal muscle. Rb+ blockade of inward K+ current caused an increase in the open probability as though Rb+ occupancy of the pore interferes with channel closing. In support of this hypothesis, we direct...

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  • Site-specific dichroism analysis utilizing transmission FTIR.

    abstract::Infrared spectroscopy has long been used to examine the average secondary structure and orientation of membrane proteins. With the recent utilization of site-specific isotope labeling (e.g., peptidic 1-(13)C = (18)O) it is now possible to examine localized properties, rather than global averages. The technique of site...

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  • Activation of skinned trabeculae of the guinea pig induced by laser photolysis of caged ATP.

    abstract::The kinetics of force production in chemically skinned trabeculae from the guinea pig were studied by laser photolysis of caged ATP in the presence of Ca2+. Preincubation of the tissue during rigor with the enzyme apyrase was used to reduce the population of MgADP-bound cross-bridges (Martin and Barsotti, 1994). In un...

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  • Calcium-actin waves and oscillations of cellular membranes.

    abstract::We propose a mechanism for the formation of membrane oscillations and traveling waves, which arise due to the coupling between the actin cytoskeleton and the calcium flux through the membrane. In our model, the fluid cell membrane has a mobile but constant population of proteins with a convex spontaneous curvature, wh...

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  • Characterization of the azide-dependent bacteriorhodopsin-like photocycle of salinarum halorhodopsin.

    abstract::The photocycle of salinarum halorhodopsin was investigated in the presence of azide. The azide binds to the halorhodopsin with 150 mM binding constant in the absence of chloride and with 250 mM binding constant in the presence of 1 M chloride. We demonstrate that the azide-binding site is different from that of chlori...

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  • Plastoquinol diffusion in linear photosynthetic electron transport.

    abstract::The diffusion of plastoquinol and its binding to the cytochrome bf complex, which occurs during linear photosynthetic electron transport and is analogous to reaction sequences found in most energy-converting membranes, has been studied in intact thylakoid membranes. The flash-induced electron transfer between the late...

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  • Ratchetaxis in Channels: Entry Point and Local Asymmetry Set Cell Directions in Confinement.

    abstract::Cell motility is essential in a variety of biological phenomena ranging from early development to organ homeostasis and diseases. This phenomenon has mainly been studied and characterized on flat surfaces in vitro, whereas such conditions are rarely observed in vivo. Recently, cell motion in three-dimensional microfab...

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