Morphology of four cyrtophorian ciliates (Protozoa, Ciliophora) from Yangtze Delta, China, with notes on the phylogeny of the genus Phascolodon.


:The morphology of four cyrtophorian ciliates, Dysteria ovalis, D. semilunaris, Phascolodon vorticella, and Chlamydonellopsis calkinsi, were investigated using living observation and protargol-staining. The morphology of D. ovalis is revealed in detail for the first time, and it is characterized by the following combination of features: size 40-50×20-30μm in vivo; oval in outline; four right kineties, including two frontoventral kineties and one shortened leftmost right kinety; three left frontal kineties; two ventrally located contractile vacuoles; marine habitat. New Chinese populations of three other species correspond well with previous descriptions, but a well-developed alveolar layer on the cell surface of P. vorticella is reported for the first time. Phylogenetic analyses based on small subunit rRNA gene sequences clustered Dysteria ovalis with Mirodysteria decora, whereas D. semilunaris is grouped with D. lanceolata. Although Phascolodon appeared as sister to Pseudochilodonopsis in the present work, its accurate phylogenetic position is still uncertain because AU test did not reject the possibility that it clustered with Odontochlamys and Chilodonella.


Eur J Protistol


Pan H,Wang L,Jiang J,Stoeck T




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    abstract::The ultrastructural cytology and reproduction of the hyperparasitic microsporidium Amphiamblys capitellides (Caullery and Mesnil, 1897) is described. Merogonial reproduction was not observed. The sporogony comprises two sequences: a sac-bound sporogony in close contact with the cytoplasm of the host and a free sporogo...

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  • Infraciliature and morphogenesis of Paraholosticha sterkii (Garnjobst, 1934) n. comb. (Ciliophora, Hypotrichida).

    abstract::The infraciliature and morphogenesis of Paraholosticha sterkii (Garnjobst, 1934) n. comb. (Basionym: Stylonethes sterkii) are described. Before division a cell encysts and after division each tomite forms an individual cyst within the common one. The ciliates cease to move and the kinetome is resorbed. With the beginn...

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  • Cyclidium porcatum n. sp.: a Free-living anaerobic scuticociliate containing a stable complex of hydrogenosomes, eubacteria and archaeobacteria.

    abstract::A new ciliate species (Cyclidium porcatum) is the first freshwater anaerobic scuticociliate to be cultured and described. It contains a unique tripartite structure consisting of hydrogenosomes (confirmed by cytochemical staining for hydrogenase), interspersed with methanogens (confirmed by auto fluorescence and in sit...

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  • Prorodon spirogyrophagus nov. spec. (Ciliophora, Prostomatea): Morphology, infraciliature and food-uptake.

    abstract::Prorodon spirogyrophagus nov. spec. is described by observations on living and silver-stained specimens. Important morphometric data are presented and the feeding habits are described. The new species is characterized by a body size of about 450 × 200 μm, numerous independently functioning contractile vacuoles each wi...

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