Short Communication: Accumulation of Neutral Lipids in Liver and Aorta of Nef-Transgenic Mice.


:HIV-infected individuals are at high risk of developing atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease, in part, due to HIV-induced impairment of cholesterol metabolism. In vitro studies demonstrated that HIV-1 protein Nef inhibits activity of ABCA1, the main cellular cholesterol transporter, leading to cholesterol accumulation in macrophages and conversion of these cells into foam cells, characteristic for atherosclerosis. However, the mechanisms of Nef-mediated effects on cholesterol metabolism in vivo are not well characterized. In this study, we generated Nef-transgenic mice and evaluated the accumulation of neutral lipids in liver and aorta of these animals. Nef expression was low in all transgenic mice, with some mice carrying the Nef transgene, but not expressing the Nef RNA. Using Oil Red O staining, we demonstrated increased levels of neutral lipids in liver and aorta of mice expressing Nef relative to transgenic animals, with no detectable Nef expression or control wild-type mice. These results provide direct evidence that Nef promotes cholesterol deposition in tissues.


Pushkarsky T,Shilov E,Kruglova N,Naumann R,Brichacek B,Jennelle L,Sviridov D,Kruglov A,Nedospasov SA,Bukrinsky M




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  • Regression of feline immunodeficiency virus infection.

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  • Short communication: the number of HIV major NRTI mutations correlates directly with other antiretroviral-associated mutations and indirectly with replicative capacity and reduced drug susceptibility.

    abstract::While it is known that selection for specific HIV-1 drug resistance-associated mutations (DRM) occurs following ART failure, the patterns of resistance mutations, reduced susceptibility (RS), and replicative capacity (RC) that appear as the number of major NRTI mutations increases have been less well-studied. These ch...

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  • Identification of a recombinant HTLV-II envelope protein for serological detection of HTLV-II carriers.

    abstract::To understand the pathogenic potential and the true extent of human T-cell leukemia virus type II (HTLV-II) infection, it is important to develop a specific HTLV-II antigen-based serological test. Plasmid pIIB was constructed and induced in Escherichia coli to express a recombinant protein (RP) containing 140 amino ac...

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  • An HIV type 2 case series in Italy: a phylogenetic analysis.

    abstract::In recent years, the increase of migration from countries where human immunodeficiency virus type 2 (HIV-2) is endemic to industrialized countries has facilitated the spread of the virus in individuals previously unexposed to this threat. In this report, we performed a phylogenetic analysis on pol and env sequences of...

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  • Expression of HIV antigens at the surface of infected T4 cells: immunoelectron microscopic evidence of an immunogenic phase prior to the viral release.

    abstract::HIV antigens were detected by immunoelectron microscopy at the surface of human and simian T4 lymphocytes that had been infected in vitro. HIV antigens were detected at the surface of cells exhibiting viral particles but also at the surface of cells before the release of virions. The latter cells may be considered imm...

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  • Complexity and dynamics of HIV-1 chemokine receptor usage in a multidrug-resistant adolescent.

    abstract::Maraviroc (MVC) is licensed in clinical practice for patients with R5 virus and virological failure; however, in anecdotal reports, dual/mixed viruses were also inhibited. We retrospectively evaluated the evolution of HIV-1 coreceptor tropism in plasma and peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) of an infected adol...

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  • Isolation of potent neutralizing monoclonal antibodies from an SIV-Infected rhesus macaque by phage display.

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