Dopamine D3 receptor-modulated neuroprotective effects of lisuride.


:Dopamine (DA) contributes to the regulation of voluntary movement, and a deficiency in DAergic neurons leads to movement disorders. The objective of this study was to examine the neuroprotective effect of DA D2-like receptor agonist, lisuride, and the role of DA receptors in this protection. Treatment with lisuride alleviated loss of tyrosine hydroxylase (TH) both direct and intraperitoneal injection in 6-hydroxydopamine (6-OHDA) mouse model. Similar results were obtained in primary neuronal cultures treated with lisuride. Lisuride protected TH expression against 6-OHDA-induced cytotoxicity in a concentration-dependent manner. Then, we evaluated the role of DA D2 and D3 receptor in neuroprotective effect of lisuride. Treatment of neuronal cultures with L-741,626, a DA D2 receptor-selective antagonist, did not alter neuroprotective effect of lisuride. However, protective effect of lisuride on TH expression was abolished when cells were treated with GR103691, a D3 receptor selective antagonist. Furthermore, whether lisuride can alleviate mitochondrial damage of DAergic neurons induced by 6-OHDA, we investigated the expression of the mitochondrial regulatory protein, paraplegin, and changes in mitochondria morphology. Treatment with lisuride countered a 6-OHDA-induced reduction in paraplegin and TH expression, and co-treatment with GR103691 blocked this effect of lisuride. Transmission electron microscopy confirmed the lisuride mitigation of 6-OHDA-induced damage to the mitochondrial membrane and cristae. These results suggest that the DA D3 receptor mediates the neuroprotective effects of lisuride by preventing mitochondrial damage.






Kim M,Lee S,Cho J,Kim G,Won C




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