Hypercalcaemia in association with enteric fever.


:We report 2 cases of hypercalcaemia and hypercalciuria, with detectable levels of parathyroid hormone, which appeared to be precipitated by enteric fever. Extensive investigation of one case, including ultrasound, isotope scanning, angiography, computed tomographic scanning and surgical exploration, failed to detect a parathyroid adenoma. In both cases biochemical and hormonal abnormalities resolved several months after recovery of enteric fever. The mechanism of the proposed association is unexplained but it should be considered in any patient with hypercalcaemia and detectable parathyroid hormone levels, who is suffering from or has recently recovered from enteric fever. If such a patient is well, a period of several month's observation is recommended. We believe these two cases to be the first such reports of hypercalcaemia in association with enteric fever.


Postgrad Med J


Connolly MJ,Snow MH,Farndon JR




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1989-03-01 00:00:00












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