Temporal trends in live foraminiferal assemblages near a pollution outfall on the Levant shelf.


:Long and short term effects of activated sewage sludge input on live benthic foraminiferal assemblages of the shallow shelf off Palmachim, Israel were examined at three stations along the eutrophic gradient. Over ten years from 2003 to 2012, foraminiferal abundance decreased dramatically by >50% in all stations. In 2012, new species were found near the discharge point, relative abundance of the dominant species decreased and in-sediment depth increased. In the remote stations the dominant species failed to bloom seasonally. Each year, dispersion of sludge was accompanied by intense current activity, aeration, and periodic local sediment transport, reintroducing species from nearby. Storm frequency was notably high in 2012. The decrease in numbers over time despite seasonal amelioration indicates that the constant OM input is a permanent source of environmental stress. Aside from this stress, natural variability, changes in Nile input, or a hidden impact of long-term climate change may play a role.


Mar Pollut Bull


Tadir R,Benjamini C,Almogi-Labin A,Hyams-Kaphzan O




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2017-04-15 00:00:00














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  • Minimum drift times infer trajectories of ghost nets found in the Maldives.

    abstract::This study explores methods to estimate minimum drift times of ghost nets found in the Maldives with the aim of identifying a putative origin. We highlight that percentage cover of biofouling organisms and capitulum length of Lepas anatifera are two methods that provide these estimates. Eight ghost nets were collected...

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    abstract::In the present study, persistent organic pollutants (POPs) were determined in 25 livers from Magellanic penguins, Spheniscus magellanicus, found on the state of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). The following concentrations of POPs (wet weight) were found: ∑ PCBs: 18.9-775.8 ng g(-1); ∑ DDTs: 2.3-275 ng g(-1); an...

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  • Support for improved quality control but misplaced criticism of GBR science. Reply to viewpoint "The need for a formalised system of Quality Control for environmental policy-science" by P. Larcombe and P. Ridd (Marine Pollution Bulletin 126: 449-461, 2018

    abstract::This is a response to the published Viewpoint by Larcombe and Ridd (2018). We agree with Larcombe and Ridd (2018) that scientific merit goes hand in hand with rigorous quality control. However, we are responding here to several points raised by Larcombe and Ridd (2018) which in our view were misrepresented. We describ...

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  • Impact of the intensive shrimp farming on the water quality of the adjacent coastal creeks from Eastern China.

    abstract::The effects of shrimp aquaculture on the adjacent water bodies over a crop cycle period were evaluated by studying the water quality of inlet and outlet creeks located within Xuwei Salt Field, Lianyungang City of Jiangsu Province. The characterization of the water consisted of the evaluation of the variation of 10 par...

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  • Seasonal variability in taxonomic breadth of biofilm-dwelling ciliates in colonization surveys for marine bioassessment.

    abstract::To determine an optimal sampling strategy for collecting samples with an expected taxonomic breadth, a 1-year baseline colonization survey was conducted in Chinese coastal waters using glass slides as an artificial substratum for biofilm-dwelling ciliates. A total of 240 slide samples were collected at a depth of 1 m ...

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  • Optimising statistical models to predict faecal pollution in coastal areas based on geographic and meteorological parameters.

    abstract::This article describes a methodology for optimising predictive models for concentrations of faecal indicator organisms (FIOs) in coastal areas based on geographic and meteorological characteristics of upstream catchments. Concentrations of FIOs in mussels and water sampled from 50 sites in the south of Brazil from 201...

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  • Changes in the concentration and relative abundance of alkanes and PAHs from the Deepwater Horizon oiling of coastal marshes.

    abstract::We determined changes of 28 alkanes and 43 different PAHs in 418 wetland soil samples collected on ten sampling trips to three Louisiana estuaries before and after they were oiled from the 2010 Deepwater Horizon disaster. There was a significant decline in 22 of the 28 alkane analytes (0.42% day(-1)), no change in 6, ...

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