Gender differences in retrieval from long-term memory following acute intoxication with ethanol.


:The present study investigated the effects of ethanol on retrieval from long-term memory by using a set of cognitive decision tasks. Male and female subjects were administered either 0.0 or 1.0 milliliter of ethanol per kilogram of body weight, and then asked to make physical, lexical, and semantic decisions about pairs of words. In general, intoxicated subjects responded significantly slower than sober subjects on all decision types. In addition, female subjects demonstrated greater performance deficits than males when intoxicated. The results suggested that the reduction in speed was not due to a simple slowing of motor responses. Rather the ethanol induced memory deficits may result from the slowing of cognitive operations that impair the efficiency of working memory. Several reasons were proposed for the observed difference in reaction to intoxication between male and female subjects, including neuroendocrine processes and cognitive differences.


Physiol Behav


Physiology & behavior


Haut JS,Beckwith BE,Petros TV,Russell S




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1989-06-01 00:00:00














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  • Mild exercise in female subjects impairs complex learning independent of hydration status and emotion.

    abstract:INTRODUCTION:Depending on type, intensity and duration, exercise can have both beneficial and detrimental effects on cognitive function. The impact of exercise on learning and memory is also sensitive to hydration status, so we hypothesized that mild hypohydration induced with exercise, will adversely impact executive ...

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  • Taste synergism between monosodium glutamate and disodium 5'-guanylate.

    abstract::The examples of "synergism" reported in the taste literature fit the common definition of the term but may merely reflect normal additivity in the taste system. That is, the perceived intensities of these "synergistic" mixtures exceed the sums of the perceived intensities of the unmixed taste components (addition of p...

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