[Ophthalmic Plastic Surgery of Exposure Keratopathy in the Intensive Care Unit].


:Critically ill patients in the intensive care unit (ICU) may develop eye problems, due to impaired ocular protective mechanisms or direct involvement of the eye in severe systemic diseases. If eye infections or ocular surface disorders are not identified in time, endophthalmitis or corneal ulcer may develop and can cause permanent functional injuries of the eye. A retrospective analysis was performed and a total of 283 complete intensive care courses of treatment were evaluated, taking into account ophthalmic medical consultations for frequent cardinal symptoms. The most common cardinal symptoms were lagophthalmus (exposure keratopathy), chemosis, redness and periorbital haematoma. The following predisposing risk factors for the onset of ocular complications during intensive care treatment were detected: chemosis (p < 0.001), redness (p = 0.007), lagophthalmus (p = 0.001), ventilation (p < 0.001), use of muscle relaxants (p < 0.001), cardiovascular (p < 0.001), and neurological diseases (p < 0.001). In 71.7 % of ICU patients, additional treatment was prescribed during the eye consultation. This includes special eye care treatment (6.0 %) and/or drug therapy (64.0 %), as well as oculoplastic surgery in 4,3 % of critically ill patients. The most common oculoplastic-surgical procedure in the ICU was lid adhesion to achieve adequate protection of the corneal surface in patients with severe exposure keratopathy. Oculoplastic surgery is the method of choice for protecting the cornea in critically ill patients, when conservative options such as hypoallergenic adhesive tape or a moisture chamber are not sufficient to protect the ocular surface. The main challenges are to pay attention to the indication and performance in due time, and to avoid permanent loss of function through transparency reduction or irregular astigmatism in post-recovery patients.


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Siebert C,Menges A,Tost FH




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    abstract::Using the laser flare-cell meter (LFMC), we have previously determined the intensity and pattern of post-ALT ocular inflammation. Inflammation peak occurs 48 hours after ALT and clinically relevant inflammation is seen in 100% of pigmentary glaucomas (PIG), 75% of pseudoexfoliative glaucomas (PEXG) but only in 25% of ...

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