Venison, another source of Paragonimus westermani infection.


:Paragonimiasis is a typical food-borne parasitic disease, endemic in most parts of Asia, with sporadic case reports from American and African countries. The major source of infection is undercooked freshwater crab or crayfish, though consumption of wild boar meat is also responsible for the infection in Japan, because wild boar is a paratenic host for Paragonimus westermani. Recently, living juveniles of P. westermani were isolated from muscle of a sika deer, Cervus nippon, in Japan, raising the possibility that venison has been another source of infection. In order to clarify the potential contribution of venison consumption to the occurrence of paragonimiasis, we analysed dietary histories of those paragonimiasis patients in whose diagnoses we were involved between 2001 and 2015. Among 380 patients, freshwater crab had been consumed by 208 patients, wild boar meat by 190, and wild deer meat by 76 patients before the onset of the disease. Overall contribution of wild deer meat was estimated to be 6.8% to 20.0%, although in Oita and Gifu Prefectures, where a substantial proportion of patients had consumed raw venison, the contribution of venison consumption was much higher (27.5 to 62.1% and 42.1 to 78.9% in Oita and Gifu Prefectures, respectively). We demonstrated P. westermani-specific antibodies in the sera of 4 out of 160 sika deer from Gifu Prefecture, strongly suggesting that these deer were infected with P. westermani.


Parasitol Int


Yoshida A,Matsuo K,Moribe J,Tanaka R,Kikuchi T,Nagayasu E,Misawa N,Maruyama H




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