Craniosynostosis: diagnostic value of three-dimensional CT reconstruction.


:Three-dimensional computed tomography (CT) has an important role in determining the presence and extent of congenital and acquired craniofacial deformities. The authors compared the sensitivity and specificity of three-dimensional CT in the detection and characterization of craniosynostosis with that of planar CT and skull radiography. Eighty-two patients with isolated and syndromal synostoses were imaged with CT and three-dimensional CT, and 42 with skull radiography. Three-dimensional CT scan processing was performed by shaded-surface reconstruction, volumetric, and depth-coded methods. Two trained observers read each scan series in a blinded fashion. Diagnostic utility of the images was determined with receiver operating characteristic analysis. The observers ranked three-dimensional shaded images higher than the other types, with three-dimensional volumetric images second and three-dimensional surface images ranked third. Results of this study demonstrate that three-dimensional shaded-surface reconstruction from CT scans is superior to conventional plain radiographs and CT scans in diagnosing craniosynostosis.






Vannier MW,Hildebolt CF,Marsh JL,Pilgram TK,McAlister WH,Shackelford GD,Offutt CJ,Knapp RH




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  • Gadolinium Deposition in Human Brain Tissues after Contrast-enhanced MR Imaging in Adult Patients without Intracranial Abnormalities.

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  • Biliary duct stones: update on 54 cases after percutaneous transhepatic removal.

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    abstract:PURPOSE:To retrospectively determine whether there is a relationship between the intranodular blood supply evaluated at computed tomography (CT) during arterial portography (CTAP) and CT during hepatic arteriography (CTHA) and the magnetic resonance (MR) imaging signal intensity of nodules associated with cirrhosis. M...


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  • Peritoneal reflections of left perihepatic region: radiologic-anatomic study.

    abstract::To clarify the anatomy of the peritoneal reflections of the left perihepatic region, the authors examined 95 cadavers. Thirty-eight were studied radiographically, 37 with sagittal dissection, and 20 with transverse dissection. In over 80% of the cadavers, the left triangular ligament of the liver separated the left su...


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  • Endometrial polyps: MR imaging features and distinction from endometrial carcinoma.

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  • Breast cancer screening: first round in the population-based program in Valencia, Spain. Collaborative Group of Readers of the Breast Cancer Screening Program of the Valencia Community.

    abstract:PURPOSE:To analyze the results of round 1 of the population-based Valencia Breast Cancer Screening Program. MATERIALS AND METHODS:In this program, 78,224 (72.98%) of the 107,178 women invited (aged 45-65 years) underwent screening. Complementary views were obtained in 5,771 women (7.38%). Among the total population st...


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  • Computed tomography and bone scintigraphy in the evaluation of tarsal coalition.

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  • Medial brachial fascial compartment syndrome: anatomic basis of neuropathy after transaxillary arteriography.

    abstract::The authors reviewed their experience with 320 transaxillary arteriograms, as well as the English-language literature on neuropathy complicating transaxillary arteriography. Three of their patients had median and ulnar motor and sensory nerve injury, and six others had only sensory involvement. The occurrence or sever...


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  • Prostate cancer: arterial infusion chemotherapy and alteration of intrapelvic blood flow.

    abstract::Twenty-one patients with prostate cancer underwent intermittent arterial infusion chemotherapy with an implanted reservoir and alteration of the intrapelvic blood flow. One internal iliac artery was embolized with steel coils so that the drugs would perfuse throughout the tumor through a single tube. Angiography perfo...


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  • Coin ingestion: unusual appearance of the penny in a child.

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  • Magnetic resonance imaging of the prostate.

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    abstract:PURPOSE:To compare specific findings at T1-weighted gradient-echo (GRE) magnetic resonance (MR) imaging performed after administration of superparamagnetic iron oxide (SPIO) with nontumorous regional portal perfusion abnormalities seen at computed tomography (CT) during arterial portography (CTAP). MATERIALS AND METHO...


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  • Computed tomography in congenital anomalies of the aortic arch and great vessels.

    abstract::Computed tomography can help in the evaluation of congenitally anomalous aortic arches and subclavian arteries. The authors discuss the role of computed tomography in the evaluation of such anomalies in seven patients. ...


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  • Early measurement of pulsatility and resistive indexes: correlation with long-term renal transplant function.

    abstract:PURPOSE:To correlate pulsatility index (PI) and resistive index (RI) measured at early specific intervals after transplantation with 1-year estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR) and death-censored transplant survival to assess the long-term prognostic value of these Doppler indexes. MATERIALS AND METHODS:The loc...


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  • Mosaic attenuation pattern on thin-section CT scans of the lung: differentiation among infiltrative lung, airway, and vascular diseases as a cause.

    abstract:PURPOSE:To determine whether infiltrative lung, airway, or vascular disease can be differentiated as the cause of mosaic attenuation on thin-section computed tomographic (CT) scans of the lung. MATERIALS AND METHODS:Thin-section CT scans were reviewed in 70 patients examined at three institutions. A mosaic attenuation...


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  • Step-wedge sensitometry.

    abstract::An aluminum step-wedge filter placed far from the film cassette provides the constant variation of subject contrast required for quantitative sensitometry while virtually eliminating scatter radiations. Attenuation curves made with this configuration are almost exponentially linear. ...


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  • T2 relaxation time of cartilage at MR imaging: comparison with severity of knee osteoarthritis.

    abstract:PURPOSE:To evaluate differences in T2 values in femoral and tibial cartilage at magnetic resonance (MR) imaging in patients with varying degrees of osteoarthritis (OA) compared with healthy subjects and to develop a mapping and display method based on calculation of T2 z scores for visual grading and assessment of cart...


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  • Short-limb skeletal dysplasias: evaluation of the fetal spine with sonography and radiography.

    abstract::Sonograms and radiographs of the lumbar spine in 51 fetuses and neonates with thanatophoric dwarfism, achondroplasia, and osteogenesis imperfecta type II were retrospectively evaluated. Study data included 27 prenatal and 27 neonatal sonograms and radiographs in 40 fetuses and neonates and 11 cases described in the ra...


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  • Endometrial blood flow analysis in postmenopausal women: can it help differentiate benign from malignant causes of endometrial thickening?

    abstract:PURPOSE:To determine if prominent vascularity and low pulsatility index (PI) and resistive index (RI) in endometrial arteries help differentiate carcinoma from benign lesions. MATERIALS AND METHODS:Forty-five postmenopausal women with at least 8-mm-thick endometrium at endovaginal ultrasound (US) underwent color duple...


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  • Pancreatic and biliary calculi: percutaneous treatment with tunable dye laser lithotripsy.

    abstract::Percutaneous tunable dye laser lithotripsy was used in two patients to successfully fragment a 2-cm left hepatic duct calculus and a 5-mm main pancreatic duct calculus. Tunable dye laser lithotripsy may prove to be a more effective alternative to mechanical lithotripsy. ...


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  • Case 241: Hemiparkinsonism- Hemiatrophy-SPECT with 99mTc TRODAT-1 and Muscle MR Imaging Abnormalities.

    abstract::History A 43-year-old right-handed man presented with a history of progressive mild left-sided weakness and slowness of movements. Symptoms began 4 years earlier, and the patient noticed a progressive decline in his daily routine due to gait difficulties in the past year. There was no history of head trauma, surgery, ...


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  • Carotid artery invasion by head and neck masses: prediction with MR imaging.

    abstract:PURPOSE:To determine the value of magnetic resonance (MR) imaging in predicting resectability of head and neck neoplasms around the carotid arteries. MATERIALS AND METHODS:Forty-nine patients (28 male patients and 21 female patients aged 17-79 years; mean, 57.3 years) with head and neck masses and clinical evidence of...


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