Pseudoaneurysms complicating organ transplantation: roles of CT, duplex sonography, and angiography.


:In a retrospective study of proved pseudoaneurysms (PAs) in 15 patients with transplanted organs (11 liver, three kidney, one pancreas), the results of computed tomography (CT), duplex sonography, and angiography were reviewed. Of the 15 cases of PA, eight occurred at the arterial anastomosis and seven were nonanastomotic. Three of the eight anastomotic PAs were caused by infection. Of the seven nonanastomotic PAs, four were caused by percutaneous biopsy, two were caused by infection, and one was of undetermined cause. In nine (60%) of the 15 patients the PAs were incidentally detected at imaging studies performed for other reasons. Diagnosis requires a high degree of suspicion. CT was performed in nine cases and duplex sonography in ten. The diagnosis of PA was made with CT in six (67%) patients and with duplex sonography in five (50%). CT and duplex sonography could not enable diagnosis when the PA was small, when the arterial anastomosis was not included in the field of study, or when enhancement with intravenously administered contract material was suboptimal. Angiography depicted the PAs in all 15 patients. In three liver transplant recipients with gastrointestinal tract bleeding, the causative PAs were detected only with angiography.






Tobben PJ,Zajko AB,Sumkin JH,Bowen A,Fuhrman CR,Skolnick ML,Bron KM,Esquivel CO,Starzl TE




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    abstract::Excretory urography could be performed less frequently if some combinations of genitourinary signs and symptoms were found to be predictive of either a specific disease or normality. To explore this possibility, the authors conducted a prospective study involving more than 3,000 patients at three institutions (a teach...


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