Iron supplementation in female blood donors deferred by copper sulfate screening.


:Female blood donors with low hematocrit levels detected by copper sulfate screening were selected randomly to receive either 75 mg of iron per day, as ferrous gluconate, or a calcium phosphate placebo. Their ferritin, serum iron, total iron-binding capacity, zinc protoporphyrin, and hemoglobin values, as well as their suitability to donate blood, were determined initially (Visit 1) and at four follow-up visits (Visits 2-5). By the second visit, the serum ferritin and iron values of donors receiving iron supplementation differed significantly from those of donors receiving placebo. By the fifth visit, a less marked but significant increase in hemoglobin had occurred in the iron group, but not in the placebo group. At no time was there a significant difference between the groups' suitability to donate blood, with each group donating at almost half of their visits. The authors conclude that iron supplementation at this dose level in deferred female blood donors improves their iron status and hemoglobin levels, but does not significantly increase their suitability to donate blood as compared with the suitability of placebo-treated donors.






Cable RG,Morse EE,Keltonic J,Kakaiya R,Kiraly T




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  • Liquid storage at 4 degrees C of previously frozen red cells.

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  • Can the interval between antibody identifications be increased for alloimmunized patients?

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    abstract::Dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) is used as a cryoprotective agent when platelets are frozen. We examined the effect of DMSO (0.1 to 10%) on platelet aggregation, release, and prostaglandin synthesis (as indicated by malondialdehyde formation) in response to thrombin, collagen, arachidonic acid and calcium ionophore. Inhibit...


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  • Down regulation of human natural killer cell-mediated cytolysis induced by blood transfusion: role of transforming growth factor-β(1), soluble Fas ligand, and soluble Class I human leukocyte antigen.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Human natural killer (NK) cells are thought to play a role in antiviral response and tumor immune surveillance. The molecular mechanisms of down regulation of NK-cell activity observed after red blood cell (RBC) transfusion is still undefined. STUDY DESIGN AND METHODS:Both effects of blood transfusion (ex v...


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  • A novel immunosuppressive pathway involving peroxynitrite-mediated [corrected] nitration of platelet antigens within antigen-presenting cells.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Studies have demonstrated that immunity against platelet (PLT) transfusions is dependent on recipient antigen-presenting cells (APCs) and their ability to produce nitric oxide (NO). To further analyze this, we focused on NO's major metabolite peroxynitrite (ONOO(-)) and its ability to affect PLT immunity. S...


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  • A Bombay individual lacking H and Le antigens but expressing normal levels of alpha-2- and alpha-4-fucosyltransferases.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:The rare Bombay phenotype is usually due to a primary genetic defect in an alpha-2- or alpha-4-fucosyltransferase. The present study was done to investigate a patient with normal transferases, who exhibits the Bombay phenotype. CASE REPORT:Red cells of the patient, his parents, and siblings were phenotyped ...


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  • Field-expedient thawing of fresh-frozen plasma.

    abstract:INTRODUCTION:Frozen plasma is superior to crystalloids for hemorrhage resuscitation but remains logistically challenging in austere environments because of specialized clinical equipment for on-demand thawing. This research examines some ad hoc thawing techniques that have been implemented by military medical personnel...


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  • Platelet glycolytic flux increases stimulated by ultraviolet-induced stress is not the direct cause of platelet morphology and activation changes: possible implications for the role of glucose in platelet storage.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Stress-enhanced platelet (PLT) storage lesions include increased glycolysis, discoid-to-sphere morphology change, and spontaneous PLT activation. It is not clear if reduction in glycolysis can alleviate storage lesion development. STUDY DESIGN AND METHODS:Apheresis PLT concentrates were exposed to 17.2 J/mL...


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    abstract::A 67-year-old white woman received transfusions of a total of 87 units of whole blood and red blood cells during and within 48 hours following a pneumonectomy. Although she had previously received blood transfusions, unexpected antibodies were not detectable by routine screening. On the second postoperative day, she d...


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  • Identification and quantitation of the protein content of blood group antibody eluates prepared by the rapid acid-stromal method. Use in committed erythroid progenitor cell assays.

    abstract::Anti-D sensitized red cells were converted to stroma, either by digitonin or hypotonic lysis, and eluates prepared by the modified rapid acid-stromal method. SDS-PAGE and both rocket- and crossed-immunoelectrophoresis showed that, of the total protein content of the eluates, 11 to 25 percent was IgG, 18 to 45 percent ...


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  • Benefits to blood banks of a sales and operations planning process.

    abstract::A formal sales and operations planning (S&OP) process is a decision making and communication process that balances supply and demand while integrating all business operational components with customer-focused business plans that links high level strategic plans to day-to-day operations. Furthermore, S&OP can assist in...


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  • The in vitro evaluation of modifications in CPD-adenine anticoagulated-preserved blood at various hematocrits.

    abstract::Erythrocytes stored in the new CPD-adenine anticoagulant (CPDA-1) barely met the 70 per cent 24-hour postinfusion 51Cr recoveries on day 35 when stored at hematocrit greater than or equal to 75 per cent. CPDA-1 differs from CPD in that it has 1.25 times the glucose concentration plus 17.3 mg adenine/63 ml. In an effor...


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  • Sterility and quality of blood dispensed in syringes for infants.

    abstract::A unit-dose system was designed to dispense precise quantities of blood in a form ready for immediate transfusion into neonatal patients. The principles were similar to those used by pharmacies to dispense individual doses of drugs. In the blood center, the precise volume of blood ordered for a neonatal patient was as...


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  • Continuous- and semicontinuous-flow blood centrifugation systems: therapeutic applications, with plasma-, platelet, lympha-, and eosinapheresis.

    abstract::Blood centrifugation, with a continuous-flow or semicontinuous-flow system, was used in the treatment of 17 patients with various hematologic disorders. Total plasma exchange (TPE) controlled symptoms of hyperviscosity and arrested bleeding in three patients. In two patients, TPE made is possible to perform urgent sur...


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