High incidence of monoclonal immunoglobulins in patients after liver or heart transplantation.


:Sera from 56 recipients of liver or heart transplants were investigated for monoclonal immunoglobulins (mIg) by immunofixation electrophoresis (IFE) at different times during 4 years after transplantation. Transient, changing, or stable mIgs were found in 18 patients. A significantly increased mIg incidence was observed in heart Tx patients, patients over 40 years of age, and those receiving azathioprine or antithymocyte globulin in addition to prednisolone and cyclosporine as immunosuppressive treatment. No correlations could be found between the presence of mIg and the number of rejection episodes or intercurrent infections. Such serum mIg represent monoclones of at least 1 x 10(9) cells of B lymphocyte lineage that apparently proliferate without adequate suppressive control. Since immunosuppressed allograft recipients are at risk of developing B cell lymphomas, such monoclones may be regarded as prelymphomas necessitating a careful follow-up in these patients.






Peest D,Schaper B,Nashan B,Wonigeit K,Raude E,Pichlmayr R,Haverich A,Deicher H




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  • "Striped" pattern of medullary ray fibrosis in allograft biopsies from kidney transplant recipients maintained on tacrolimus.

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  • Anti-CD20 monoclonal antibody (rituximab) therapy for acute cardiac humoral rejection: a case report.

    abstract::Humoral or antibody-mediated rejection in cardiac transplant recipients is mediated by donor-specific cytotoxic antibodies and is histologically defined by linear deposits of immunoglobulin and complement in the myocardial capillaries. Antibody-mediated rejection often is accompanied by hemodynamic compromise and is a...


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  • Reconstitution of (BALB/c x B6)F1 normal mice with stem cells and thymus from nonobese diabetic mice results in autoimmune insulitis of the normal hosts' pancreases.

    abstract::The NOD mouse develops immune-mediated diabetes mellitus characterized by T cell infiltration and destruction of pancreatic islet tissue. We wished to determine whether one contributing factor was an abnormality of the NOD pancreas that caused it to elicit an attack by NOD T cells. Therefore we constructed mice that h...


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  • Efficient gene transfer to pancreatic islets mediated by adenoviral vectors.

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