Fertility in males after childhood, adolescent, and adult inguinal operations.


BACKGROUND/PURPOSE:Inguinal hernia repair and orchidopexy are among the most common operations in boys. The impact on future fertility has not been conclusively defined. This study evaluates sperm quality after previous inguinal surgery. METHODS:Spermiograms of men with a desire to conceive children were analyzed. History of previous inguinal surgery (hernia repair, orchidopexy, varicocele ligation) was correlated with sperm quality. Other influential factors (age, BMI, chronic medication, tobacco use) were also tested. RESULTS:A total of 333 patients were included. Overall, 12.6% of the subjects had undergone previous inguinal surgery. Of these, 17 (43%) were inguinal hernia repairs, 8 (20%) orchidopexies, and 6 (15%) varicocele ligations, while 9 (22%) could not give an exact history. Abnormal spermiograms were found in 60% (n = 24) of those with previous inguinal surgery versus 48% in controls (p = 0.16). On multivariate analysis, pathologic spermiogram parameters were associated with previous inguinal surgery, orchidopexy, use of chronic medication, and smoking, but NOT with inguinal hernia or varicocele repair alone. CONCLUSIONS:Previous inguinal hernia or varicocele repair does not seem to impact negatively on quality of sperm later in life. Orchidopexy, smoking, and use of chronic medication, however, were all associated with pathologic sperm quality parameters. TYPE OF STUDY:Prospective comparative study. LEVEL OF EVIDENCE:Level II.


J Pediatr Surg


Silber S,Becker VM,Seufert R,Muensterer OJ




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  • The role of smooth muscle cell differentiation in the mechanism of obliteration of processus vaginalis.

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  • International attitudes of early adopters to current and future robotic technologies in pediatric surgery.

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  • Early fetal obstructive uropathy produces Potter's syndrome in the lamb.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:If creating an obstructive uropathy early in glomerulogenesis produces MCDK (Multicystic Dysplastic Kidney), then a very early obstruction may produce Potter's Syndrome (PS) with oligohydramnios. METHODS:Fetal lambs at 50 days' gestation underwent urethral and urachal ligation using fine SILASTIC (Dow Corni...

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