A Strain of an Emerging Indian Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzae Pathotype Defeats the Rice Bacterial Blight Resistance Gene xa13 Without Inducing a Clade III SWEET Gene and Is Nearly Identical to a Recent Thai Isolate.


:The rice bacterial blight pathogen Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzae (Xoo) injects transcription activator-like effectors (TALEs) that bind and activate host "susceptibility" (S) genes important for disease. Clade III SWEET genes are major S genes for bacterial blight. The resistance genes xa5, which reduces TALE activity generally, and xa13, a SWEET11 allele not recognized by the cognate TALE, have been effectively deployed. However, strains that defeat both resistance genes individually were recently reported in India and Thailand. To gain insight into the mechanism(s), we completely sequenced the genome of one such strain from each country and examined the encoded TALEs. Strikingly, the two strains are clones, sharing nearly identical TALE repertoires, including a TALE known to activate SWEET11 strongly enough to be effective even when diminished by xa5. We next investigated SWEET gene induction by the Indian strain. The Indian strain induced no clade III SWEET in plants harboring xa13, indicating a pathogen adaptation that relieves dependence on these genes for susceptibility. The findings open a door to mechanistic understanding of the role SWEET genes play in susceptibility and illustrate the importance of complete genome sequence-based monitoring of Xoo populations in developing varieties with effective disease resistance.


Front Microbiol


Carpenter SCD,Mishra P,Ghoshal C,Dash PK,Wang L,Midha S,Laha GS,Lore JS,Kositratana W,Singh NK,Singh K,Patil PB,Oliva R,Patarapuwadol S,Bogdanove AJ,Rai R




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    abstract::Lactobacillus plantarum species is a good source of esterases since both lipolytic and esterase activities have been described for strains of this species. No fundamental biochemical difference exists among esterases and lipases since both share a common catalytic mechanism. L. plantarum WCFS1 possesses a protein, Lp_...

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  • Microbial diversity in a Venezuelan orthoquartzite cave is dominated by the Chloroflexi (Class Ktedonobacterales) and Thaumarchaeota Group I.1c.

    abstract::The majority of caves are formed within limestone rock and hence our understanding of cave microbiology comes from carbonate-buffered systems. In this paper, we describe the microbial diversity of Roraima Sur Cave (RSC), an orthoquartzite (SiO4) cave within Roraima Tepui, Venezuela. The cave contains a high level of m...

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  • Akinetes From Late Paleoproterozoic Salkhan Limestone (>1600 Ma) of India: A Proxy for Understanding Life in Extreme Conditions.

    abstract::Isolated elongate spore-like cells present in the >1600 Ma-old Salkhan Limestone of the Semri Group, Vindhayan Supergroup, India are considered akinetes of the heterocystous cyanobacteria. Small to large size, and young (single walled) to mature (double walled) akinetes - namely, Archaeoellipsoides bactroformis, A. co...

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  • Inhibition of Influenza Virus Infection by Lentinus edodes Mycelia Extract Through Its Direct Action and Immunopotentiating Activity.

    abstract::Lentinula edodes mycelia (LEM) solid culture extracts contain many bioactive compounds with diverse pharmacological activities such as antitumor, antiviral, and immunopotentiating effects. In this study, we examined the anti-influenza virus activity of LEM in vitro and in vivo. LEM directly inhibited influenza virus g...

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  • Functional Characterization of Two Putative DAHP Synthases of AroG1 and AroG2 and Their Links With Type III Secretion System in Ralstonia solanacearum.

    abstract::Type three secretion system (T3SS) is essential for Ralstonia solanacearum to cause disease in host plants and we previously screened AroG1 as a candidate with impact on the T3SS expression. Here, we focused on two putative DAHP synthases of AroG1 and AroG2, which control the first step of the shikimate pathway, a com...

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  • Characterization of pTS14, an IncF2:A1:B1 Plasmid Carrying tet(M) in a Salmonella enterica Isolate.

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  • Association of antibodies to Plasmodium falciparum reticulocyte binding protein homolog 5 with protection from clinical malaria.

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  • In-Depth Characterization and Functional Analysis of Clonal Variants in a Mycobacterium tuberculosis Strain Prone to Microevolution.

    abstract::The role of clonal complexity has gradually been accepted in infection by Mycobacterium tuberculosis (MTB), although analyses of this issue are limited. We performed an in-depth study of a case of recurrent MTB infection by integrating genotyping, whole genome sequencing, analysis of gene expression and infectivity in...

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  • Evaluation of a Major Surface Antigen of Babesia microti Merozoites as a Vaccine Candidate against Babesia Infection.

    abstract::Babesia species are tick-borne intraerythrocytic protozoa that cause babesiosis in humans worldwide. No vaccine has yet proven effective against Babesia infection. Surface antigens of merozoites are involved in the invasion of erythrocytes by Babesia. Surface antigens may be presented by both babesial sporozoites and ...

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    authors: Man S,Fu Y,Guan Y,Feng M,Qiao K,Li X,Gao H,Cheng X

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  • Enhancing Bioremediation Potential of Pseudomonas putida by Developing Its Acid Stress Tolerance With Glutamate Decarboxylase Dependent System and Global Regulator of Extreme Radiation Resistance.

    abstract::The extensive use of acids in a variety of manufacturing industries results in the increase of discharged acidic waste stream into the environment. Such co-pollution of acids and other organic pollutants limits the biodegradation capability of neutrophilic degraders. With high-throughput genetic techniques, we aim to ...

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  • Perspectives on the Impact of Sampling Design and Intensity on Soil Microbial Diversity Estimates.

    abstract::Soil bacterial communities have long been recognized as important ecosystem components, and have been the focus of many local and regional studies. However, there is a lack of data at large spatial scales, on the biodiversity of soil microorganisms; national or more extensive studies to date have typically consisted o...

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  • Enhanced Expression of Pullulanase in Bacillus subtilis by New Strong Promoters Mined From Transcriptome Data, Both Alone and in Combination.

    abstract::Pullulanase plays an important role as a starch hydrolysis enzyme in the production of bio-fuels and animal feed, and in the food industry. Compared to the methods currently used for pullulanase production, synthesis by Bacillus subtilis would be safer and easier. However, the current yield of pullulanase from B. subt...

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  • Genotypic and Phenotypic Characterization of IncX3 Plasmid Carrying bla NDM-7 in Escherichia coli Sequence Type 167 Isolated From a Patient With Urinary Tract Infection.

    abstract::Infections due to New Delhi metallo-beta lactamase (NDM)-7-producing Escherichia coli are infrequent and sporadic. In this study, we report one case of recurrent urinary tract infection caused by blaNDM-7-producing E. coli belonging to phylogenetic group A, sequence type (ST) 167. In this study, we aimed to describe t...

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  • Deletion of the Small RNA Chaperone Protein Hfq down Regulates Genes Related to Virulence and Confers Protection against Wild-Type Brucella Challenge in Mice.

    abstract::Brucellosis is one of the most common zoonotic epidemics worldwide. Brucella, the etiological pathogen of brucellosis, has unique virulence characteristics, including the ability to survive within the host cell. Hfq is a bacterial chaperone protein that is involved in the survival of the pathogen under stress conditio...

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