Rapid discrimination of colon cancer cells with single base mutation in KRAS gene segment using laser tweezers Raman spectroscopy.


:Laser tweezers Raman spectroscopy (LTRS) as a label-free and noninvasive technology has been proven to be an ideal tool for analysis of single living cells, which provides important fingerprint information without interference from surrounding environments. For the first time, LTRS system was successfully used to examine the colon cancer cells with single base mutation in KRAS gene segment, including DKS-8 (KRAS wild-type [WT]) and DLD-1 (KRAS mutant-type [MT]), HKE-3 (KRAS WT) and HCT-116 (KRAS MT). Spectra changes of some vital biomolecules due to the gene mutation state were sensitively recorded by our home-made LTRS system. As a result of the comparison between DKS-8 and DLD-1 cells, an index of 97.5% of correct classification was obtained by combining LTRS with principle component analysis coupled with linear discriminant analysis (PCA-LDA) statistical analysis, while an index of 97.0% of correct classification was achieved between HKE-3 and HCT-116 cells. Moreover, between WT cells (DKS-8 and HKE-3) vs MT cells (DLD-1 and HCT-116), the index of correct classification was 81.2%, which was quite encouraging. Our preliminary results showed that the LTRS system coupled with PCA-LDA analysis will have a great potential for further applications in the rapid and label-free detection of circulating tumor cells in liquid biopsy.


J Biophotonics


Journal of biophotonics


Liu M,Liu X,Huang Z,Tang X,Lin X,Xu Y,Chen G,Kwok HF,Lin Y,Feng S




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  • Confocal laser endomicroscopy in head and neck malignancies using FITC-labelled EpCAM- and EGF-R-antibodies in cell lines and tumor biopsies.

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  • Eliminating the scattering ambiguity in multifocal, multimodal, multiphoton imaging systems.

    abstract::In this work we present how to entirely remove the scattering ambiguity present in existing multiphoton multifocal systems. This is achieved through the development and implementation of single-element detection systems that incorporate high-speed photon-counting electronics. These systems can be used to image entire ...

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  • High fluence light emitting diode-generated red light modulates characteristics associated with skin fibrosis.

    abstract::Skin fibrosis, often referred to as skin scarring, is a significant international health problem with limited treatment options. The hallmarks of skin fibrosis are increased fibroblast proliferation, collagen production, and migration speed. Recently published clinical observations indicate that visible red light may ...

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  • Minimally invasive non-thermal laser technology using laser-induced optical breakdown for skin rejuvenation.

    abstract::We describe a novel, minimally invasive laser technology for skin rejuvenation by creating isolated microscopic lesions within tissue below the epidermis using laser induced optical breakdown. Using an in-house built prototype device, tightly focused near-infrared laser pulses are used to create optical breakdown in t...

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  • Real-time Raman and SRS imaging of living human macrophages reveals cell-to-cell heterogeneity and dynamics of lipid uptake.

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  • Long-distance laser propulsion and deformation- monitoring of cells in optofluidic photonic crystal fiber.

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  • A telemetric light delivery system for metronomic photodynamic therapy (mPDT) in rats.

    abstract::Light delivery and monitoring during photodynamic therapy (PDT) is often limited by the need for a physical link between the light source, detectors and the treatment volume. This paper reports on the first in vivo experiments performed with a fully implantable telemetric system, designed for a rat glioblastoma model....

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  • Microfluidics and photonics for Bio-System-on-a-Chip: a review of advancements in technology towards a microfluidic flow cytometry chip.

    abstract::Microfluidics and photonics come together to form a field commonly referred to as 'optofluidics'. Flow cytometry provides the field with a technology base from which both microfluidic and photonic components be developed and integrated into a useful device. This article reviews some of the more recent developments to ...

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  • Unique spectral signature of human cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma by photoacoustic imaging.

    abstract::Cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma (cSCC) is a common skin cancer with metastatic potential. To reduce reoperations due to nonradical excision, there is a need to develop a technique for identification of tumor margins preoperatively. Photoacoustic (PA) imaging is a novel imaging technology that combines the strengths ...

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  • Imaging engineered tissues using structural and functional optical coherence tomography.

    abstract::As the field of tissue engineering evolves, there will be an increasingly important need to visualize and track the complex dynamic changes that occur within three-dimensional constructs. Optical coherence tomography (OCT), as an emerging imaging technology applied to biological materials, offers a number of significa...

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  • Dynamic imaging and quantification of subcellular motion with eigen-decomposition optical coherence tomography-based variance analysis.

    abstract::The dynamic properties of subcellular organism are important biomarkers of the health. Imaging subcellular level dynamics provides effective solutions for evaluating cell metabolism and testing the responses of cells to pathogens and drugs in pharmaceutical engineering. In this paper, we demonstrate an innovative appr...

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