Microtia in a Chinese Specialty Clinic Population: Clinical Heterogeneity and Associated Congenital Anomalies.


BACKGROUND:Microtia is a congenital anomaly of the external ear that can appear in isolation or in association with other congenital anomalies. In this study, the authors identify the prevalence and phenotypes of associated congenital malformations in patients with microtia in a Chinese specialty clinic population. METHODS:Data were collected from 672 patients seen between December of 2014 and February of 2016 in the Department of Auricular Reconstruction at the Plastic Surgery Hospital of Peking Union Medical College. All patients were examined by trained clinicians and classified into one of three grades of microtia. Co-occurring congenital anomalies were detected and recorded. RESULTS:The majority of study participants were male patients (72 percent), and most participants had unilateral microtia (93 percent, 68 percent of whom had right-side microtia). Two hundred ninety-three patients (44 percent) had one or more associated anomalies. The most commonly occurring comorbid malformations were those of the ear, face, and neck (40 percent of all associated malformations); musculoskeletal system (35 percent); and cardiovascular system (11 percent). CONCLUSIONS:These data represent the first detailed and thematic study of microtia and associated congenital anomalies in a Chinese clinical population. Substantial clinical heterogeneity was observed, and the prevalence of comorbid congenital malformations was high. Future studies investigating congenital anomalies associated with microtia are needed to improve understanding of its cause.


Plast Reconstr Surg


Zhang Y,Jiang H,Yang Q,He L,Yu X,Huang X,Wu R,Yang M,Li C,Pan B




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