A feasible method for the isolation of mesenchymal stem cells from menstrual blood and their exosomes.


BACKGROUND:Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) are currently the most promising candidates in regenerative medicine. Nonetheless, there are several limitations associated with the MSC tissue source such as infrequent and invasive bone marrow sampling methods. To overcome these limitations, we have procured MSCs from the menstrual blood (MenSCs) as a non-invasive source using a straightforward and cost-effective method. Moreover, we isolated MenSCs-derived exosomes as a safe and highly effective approach to exert the paracrine effects of MSCs. METHODS:MSCs were isolated from menstrual blood through two different culture methods: ficoll-isolated mononuclear cells (MNCs) and whole blood culture. These cells were characterized by their plastic adherence, flow cytometry analysis of the surface markers and the differentiation potential. The exosomes were isolated from conditioned media using ultracentrifugation and characterized by different microscopy techniques, western blotting, and ELISA. RESULTS:Both Methods resulted in the rapid isolation of cells with MSC properties. However, the cellular yield of the whole blood culture method was remarkably more than MNCs culture. MenSCs also produced a substantial amount of extracellular vesicles (EVs) possessed the minimum criteria for exosome definition. CONCLUSION:The results suggest that direct culture of whole menstrual blood cells is a high throughput, straightforward and cost-effective method for MenSCs isolation using no special growth factors. Moreover, these cells are a good producer of exosome which can offer a cell-free therapy approach.


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Dalirfardouei R,Jamialahmadi K,Mahdipour E




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    abstract::Rhodnius prolixus is an important vector of Trypanosoma cruzi, the etiological agent of Chagas disease. Insect adults have a pair of Metasternal Glands (MGs) and the secretion emitted by these glands acts as sex pheromone. Recent studies have focused on the chemical composition of this pheromone, electrophysiological ...

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  • Topography of the rat blood-testis barrier after intratubular administration of intercellular tracers.

    abstract::Intratubular injection of electron-opaque tracers (lanthanum hydroxide, peroxidase) by micromanipulation showed that the intercellular spaces of the adluminal compartment are in continuity with the lumen of the rat seminiferous tubule at all stages of the spermatogenic cycle. This continuity involves the intercellular...

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  • Fine structure of tarsal sensory organs in the whip spider Admetus pumilio (Amblypygi, Arachnida).

    abstract::The sensory organs on the tarsi of the antenniform first legs of the whip spider Admetus pumilio C. L. Koch (Amblypygi, Arachnida) were examined with the scanning and transmission electron microscope. At least four different types of hair sensilla were found: (1) thick-walled bristles, which have the characteristics o...

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