Estimation of carbon pool in soil, above and below ground vegetation at different types of mangrove forests in Peninsular Malaysia.


:This paper evaluated the total carbon stock of mangrove ecosystems in two contrasting sites: a fishing village in Delta Kelantan (DK) and Ramsar sites in Johor Park (JP). In both sites, aboveground carbon was significantly higher than belowground carbon, and stems contained more carbon than leaf and root partitions. The average carbon concentration of individual mangrove species (44.9-48.1%) was not significantly different but the larger biomass of the DK samples resulted in vegetation carbon stock that was higher than that in JP. Season played an important role in soil carbon stock-a pronounced wet season in DK coincided with the dry season in JP. The total carbon pool was estimated to be 427.88 t ha-1 in JP and 512.51 t ha-1 in DK, where at least 80% was contributed by soil carbon. The carbon dioxide equivalent was 1570.32 t ha-1 CO2e (JP) and 1880.91 t ha-1 CO2e (DK).


Mar Pollut Bull


Rozainah MZ,Nazri MN,Sofawi AB,Hemati Z,Juliana WA




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  • Incidence of marine debris and its relationships with benthic features in Gray's Reef National Marine Sanctuary, Southeast USA.

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  • A multi-scale integrated modeling framework to measure comprehensive impact of coastal reclamation activities in Yellow River estuary, China.

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  • Two-layered, 2D unsteady eutrophication model in boundary-fitted coordinate system.

    abstract::The decline of water quality in Tolo Harbour in recent years is an example of eutrophication. This paper delineates a robust unsteady two-layered, 2D finite difference numerical model for eutrophication in coastal waters. The modelling is based upon the numerically generated boundary-fitted orthogonal curvilinear grid...

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  • Seasonal distribution of aliphatic hydrocarbons in the Vaza Barris Estuarine System, Sergipe, Brazil.

    abstract::The seasonal assessment of anthropogenic activities in the Vaza Barris estuarine river system, located in the Sergipe state, northeastern Brazil, was performed using the aliphatic hydrocarbon distribution. The aliphatic hydrocarbon and isoprenoid (Pristane and Phytane) concentrations ranged between 0.19 μg g(-1) and 8...

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  • Temporal evolution of the environmental quality of the Vallona Lagoon (Northern Mediterranean, Adriatic Sea).

    abstract::Guidance Document 25/2010, suggests sediment and biota are the most suitable matrices for the trend monitoring purpose, because they integrate the pollution over time and space. So, from 2005 to 2014, the sediment and biota concentrations of heavy metals (As, Cd, Cr, Hg, Ni, Pb) were analysed in the Vallona Lagoon (no...

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  • Microplastics on sandy beaches of the Baja California Peninsula, Mexico.

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  • Insights into the history and timing of post-European land use disturbance on sedimentation rates in catchments draining to the Great Barrier Reef.

    abstract::Sediment runoff has been cited as a major contributor to the declining health of the Great Barrier Reef (GBR), however, climate and land use drivers have not been jointly evaluated. This study used alluvial archives from fluvial benches in two tributaries of the Upper Burdekin catchment together with the best availabl...

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  • Microbial community successional patterns in offshore sediments impacted by chemical pollution from Taizhou and Xiamen Cities in China.

    abstract::An Illumina-based next-generation sequencing was employed to characterise the sediment microbiome adjacent to coastal industrial and tourist cities, Taizhou and Xiamen, in China, and their associations with chemical pollution were explored. The results indicated that chemical pollution of sediments from Taizhou was hi...

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  • Source speciation resolving hydrochemical complexity of coastal aquifers.

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  • Developing human capital for successful implementation of international marine scientific research projects.

    abstract::The oceans play a crucial role in the global environment and the sustainability of human populations, because of their involvement in climate regulation and provision of living and non-living resources to humans. Maintenance of healthy oceans in an era of increasing human pressure requires a high-level understanding o...

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    authors: Morrison RJ,Zhang J,Urban ER Jr,Hall J,Ittekkot V,Avril B,Hu L,Hong GH,Kidwai S,Lange CB,Lobanov V,Machiwa J,San Diego-McGlone ML,Oguz T,Plumley FG,Yeemin T,Zhu W,Zuo F

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  • Effects of marine heatwave conditions across the metamorphic transition to the juvenile sea urchin (Heliocidaris erythrogramma).

    abstract::For short development species, like the sea urchin Heliocidaris erythrogramma, the entire planktonic duration can be impacted by marine heatwaves (MHW). Developmental thermal tolerance of this species through metamorphosis was investigated over a broad range (7.6-28.0 °C), including temperatures across its distributio...

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  • Levels and sources of heavy metals and PAHs in sediment of Djibouti-city (Republic of Djibouti).

    abstract::Selected heavy metals and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) were determined in marine sediment from 28 sites Djibouti city. The concentrations of trace elements varied from 0 to 288.1mg/kg with relative abundance of trace metals in sediments was in the order of Zn>Cu>Ni>Cr>Co>Pb>Cd. Zn, Cu and Ni exceeded consen...

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  • A coastal prediction system as an event response tool: particle tracking simulation of an anhydrous ammonia spill in Tampa Bay.

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  • Spatio-temporal distribution of meiofaunal assemblages and its relationship with environmental factors in a semi-enclosed bay.

    abstract::In order to reveal the spatio-temporal distribution of meiofaunal assemblages and its relationship with environmental factors in semi-enclosed bay habitats, meiofaunal and sediment samples were collected in February (winter), May (spring), August (summer) and November (autumn) 2014 in Jiaozhou Bay, China. A total of 2...

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  • The recently introduced bivalve Xenostrobus securis has higher thermal and salinity tolerance than the native Brachidontes variabilis and established Mytilopsis sallei.

    abstract::The recently introduced bivalve Xenostrobus securis and the previously introduced Mytilopsis sallei (~30years) are dominant over the native Brachidontes variabilis in estuarine fouling communities in Hong Kong. This study tested whether these introduced species have higher thermal and salinity tolerance than the nativ...

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  • Boat noise affects the early life history of two damselfishes.

    abstract::Anthropogenic noise can have a negative effect on the physiology and survival of marine fishes. Most research has focused on later life-stages, and few studies have investigated the effects of human-induced noise on embryogenesis. The current study investigated whether playback of motorboat noise affected the embryoge...

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  • A surface tension based method for measuring oil dispersant concentration in seawater.

    abstract::This work developed a new method to determine concentration of Corexit EC9500A, and likely other oil dispersants, in seawater. Based on the principle that oil dispersants decrease surface tension, a linear correlation was established between the dispersant concentration and surface tension. Thus, the dispersant concen...

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  • Volcanic ash in the water column: Physiological impact on the suspension-feeding bivalve Mytilus chilensis.

    abstract::Ashes settling into the sea from volcanic explosions expose suspension-feeding species to reduced seston quality. Adults and juveniles of the mussel Mytilus chilensis were exposed for 15days to the phytoplankton Isochrysis galbana together with various concentrations of ashes. We then quantified impact on survival and...

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  • A data-driven framework for defining stages of oil weathering.

    abstract::Oil weathering is often described subjectively after a spill. Adjectives like "moderate" and "severe" help define the extent of oil loss but fail to communicate quantitatively and reproducibly the degree of weathering. The use of subjective weathering terms often leads to misperceptions about persistence and toxicity ...

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  • Microbial community dynamics and biodegradation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in polluted marine sediments in Hong Kong.

    abstract::Dynamics of microbial community and biodegradation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in polluted marine sediments, artificially spiked with a mixture of PAHs (fluorene, phenanthrene, fluoranthene and pyrene), were examined for a period of 60 days. Microbial communities were characterised by bacterial counts, ...

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  • Plastic debris as nesting material in a Kittiwake-(Rissa tridactyla)-colony at the Jammerbugt, Northwest Denmark.

    abstract::This paper continues the investigations of Clemens and Hartwig from 1992 on the proportion of garbage used as nesting material in the Kittiwake colony at Bulbjerg in the Jammerbugt in Northwest Denmark. Whereas in the year 1992 plastic garbage items were included in 39.3% of 466 Kittiwake nests in the Bulbjerg colony,...

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  • Ecological characterization of toxic phytoplankton species (Dinophysis spp., Dinophyceae) in Slovenian mariculture areas (Gulf of Trieste, Adriatic Sea) and the implications for monitoring.

    abstract::Diarrhetic shellfish poisoning (DSP) events are often registered in Slovenian mariculture areas (Gulf of Trieste, Adriatic Sea) and are related to the occurrence of Dinophysis spp. The annual dynamic of this genus and succession of the most important species were studied at two shellfish farms during monitoring fieldw...

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  • A sediment quality triad assessment of the impact of copper mine tailings disposal on the littoral sedimentary environment in the Atacama region of northern Chile.

    abstract::A sediment quality triad (SQT) assessment was made of the impact of copper mine tailings disposal on littoral meiofaunal assemblages in the Atacama region of northern Chile. This situation is unusual in that the disposal is direct into the high-energy coastal system and not via a river estuary or other low-energy envi...

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  • Long-term effects of elevated CO₂ and temperature on the Arctic calanoid copepods Calanus glacialis and C. hyperboreus.

    abstract::The sensitivity of copepods to ocean acidification (OA) and warming may increase with time, however, studies >10 days and on synergistic effects are rare. We therefore incubated late copepodites and females of two dominant Arctic species, Calanus glacialis and Calanushyperboreus, at 0 °C at 390 and 3000 μatm pCO₂ for ...

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    authors: Hildebrandt N,Niehoff B,Sartoris FJ

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  • Microplastics on sandy beaches of the southern Baltic Sea.

    abstract::Microplastic occurrence and composition were investigated along the Polish coast (southern Baltic Sea) on 12 beaches differing in terms of intensity of their touristic exploitation, urbanisation and sediment characteristics. Their mean concentrations varied between 76 and 295 items per kg dry sediment. Fibres and plas...

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    authors: Urban-Malinga B,Zalewski M,Jakubowska A,Wodzinowski T,Malinga M,Pałys B,Dąbrowska A

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  • Are environmental risk estimations linked to the actual environmental impact? Application to an oil handling facility (NE Spain).

    abstract::The environmental risk analysis of aquatic systems includes the evaluation of the likelihood that adverse ecological effects may occur as a result of exposure to one or more stressors. In harbor areas, pollution is provided by a complex mixture of substances with different levels of toxicity, persistence and bioaccumu...

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  • The Atlantic blue crab Callinectes sapidus in southern European coastal waters: Distribution, impact and prospective invasion management strategies.

    abstract::The native distribution of the blue crab Callinectes sapidus in the western Atlantic extends from Nova Scotia to Argentina. Introduced to Europe at the beginning of the 20th century, it is currently recorded almost ubiquitously in the Mediterranean and in the Black Sea. An overview of the occurrence, abundance, and ec...

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