Between-habitat variability in the population dynamics of a global marine invader may drive management uncertainty.


:Understanding population dynamics of established invasive species is important for designing effective management measures and predicting factors such as invasiveness and ecological impact. The kelp Undaria pinnatifida has spread to most temperate regions of the world, however a basic understanding of population dynamics is lacking for many regions. Here, Undaria was monitored for 2 years, at 9 sites, across 3 habitats to investigate habitat-related variation in population structure, reproductive capacity and morphology. Populations on marina pontoons were distinct from those in reef habitats, with extended recruitment periods and higher abundance, biomass, maturation rates and fecundity; potentially driven by lower inter-specific and higher intra-specific competition within marinas. This suggests that artificial habitats are likely to facilitate the spread, proliferation and reproductive fitness of Undaria across its non-native range. More broadly, generalising population dynamics of invasive species across habitat types is problematic, thus adding high complexity to management options.


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Epstein G,Smale DA




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  • Chronology of anthropogenic impacts reconstructed from sediment records of trace metals and Pb isotopes in Todos os Santos Bay (NE Brazil).

    abstract::The evolution of the impacts of anthropogenic activities in Todos os Santos Bay was evaluated by profiles of trace metals and Pb isotopes determined in sediment cores. Fluxes of metals increased up to 12, 4 and 2 times for Cu, Pb, and Zn, respectively, compared to those recorded in the beginning of the 20th century. S...

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  • Baseline screening for the presence of antimicrobial resistance in E. coli isolated from Kuwait's marine environment.

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  • Particle characteristics of microplastics contaminating the mussel Mytilus edulis and their surrounding environments.

    abstract::We investigated the environmental partitioning and particle characteristics of macro-, meso- and microplastics and their uptake into the mussel, Mytilus edulis. Sediment samples, overlying seawater and mussels from 9 intertidal locations in the South West of England were analysed for abundance and type of microplastic...

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  • Estuarine sediment toxicity testing with an indigenous subtropical amphipod.

    abstract::This study reports on a sediment toxicity test developed with a native amphipod strain of Ptilohyale barbicornis where sediments from 10 estuarine stations along the western coastline of Taiwan were evaluated with respect to trace metals and PAHs. The test was validated by determining dose-response relationships for a...

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  • Test deformation and chemistry of foraminifera as response to anthropogenic heavy metal input.

    abstract::Benthic foraminifera are sensitive to environmental changes and widely used as tools to monitor pollution. Rising numbers of deformed tests are often used as indicator for elevated levels of heavy metals, but little is known about the relation between heavy metal incorporation into foraminiferal tests and the formatio...

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  • Benthic habitat health assessment using macrofauna communities of a sub-tropical semi-enclosed bay under excess nutrients.

    abstract::This research was conducted to assess the ecosystem health of Daya Bay benthic habitat, investigate the effects of anthropogenic nutrients, and evaluate the application of ecological indicators for benthic health assessment. Environmental indicators and macrobenthic communities, were investigated during summer and win...

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  • Does heavy oil pollution induce bacterial diseases in Japanese flounder Paralichthys olivaceus?

    abstract::As basic research for the effect of heavy oil on the fish immune system, in this study, the number of leukocyte was counted in Japanese flounder Paralichthys olivaceus, after exposure to heavy oil at a concentration of 30 g/8L for 3 days. To compare the numbers of bacteria in the skin mucus between oil-exposed and con...

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  • A model of PCB bioaccumulation in the sea bass food web from the Seine Estuary (eastern English Channel).

    abstract::A bioaccumulation model was developed to simulate the PCB contamination in the sea bass food web from the Seine Estuary. The model relies upon a contaminant mass balance budget for each biological species. Biological processes determine the extent of bioaccumulation: respiration and feeding rates control the uptake of...

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  • Metal concentrations in water and sediments from tourist beaches of Acapulco, Mexico.

    abstract::A survey on the metal concentrations (As, Ba, Cd, Co, Cr, Cu, Fe, Mn, Ni, Pb, Sr, V, Zn) in beach water and sediments is reported from the tourist destination of Acapulco city on the Pacific coast of Mexico. The concentration of dissolved trace metals (DTMs) in beach water and acid leachable trace metals (ALTMs) in se...

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  • PAH-profiles in sediment cores from the Baltic Sea.

    abstract::To document the historical input the PAH-profiles of sediment cores in two different basins of the Baltic Sea, the Gotland Basin (GB) and Arkona Basin (AB), were analysed by means of GC-MS. 35 PAHs were quantified in all samples, and additionally, several marker PAHs, like Cyclopenta[cd]phenanthrene (CCP) for combusti...

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  • Event monitoring of herbicides with naked and membrane-covered Empore disk integrative passive sampling devices.

    abstract::Subsequent to an initial wet season flood event in the Brisbane River, Australia, both fast (naked disk) and slow (membrane-covered) variants of SDB-RPS Empore disk passive sampling devices were deployed with an automated grab sampling program. A trend increase in the aquatic dissolved concentrations of diuron and sim...

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  • Assessment of local and regional strategies to control bacteria levels at beaches with consideration of impacts from climate change.

    abstract::The objective of this study was to evaluate relationships between local factors (beach geomorphology and management) and regional factors (infrastructure improvements and temperature changes) against levels of fecal indicator bacteria (FIB) at recreational beaches. Data were evaluated for 17 beaches located in Monroe ...

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  • Distribution and geochemical speciation of heavy metals in sediments from coastal area suffered rapid urbanization, a case study of Shantou Bay, China.

    abstract::Eight metals in sediment samples at 15 sites from the Shantou Bay were analyzed with BCR sequential extraction protocol to obtain the metal distribution patterns in the bay. The results showed that the heavy metal pollutions in upper bay were more severe than in middle and down reaches of the bay. Both total and non-r...

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  • The interpretation of body trace metal concentrations in neogastropods from Hong Kong.

    abstract::Three species of neogastropods, i.e., Thais clavigera, Thais luteostoma and Morula musiva, were collected from 12 sites in the coastal waters of Hong Kong, including clean and known metal-enriched ones. Accordingly, body trace metal concentrations varied greatly. Copper and zinc body concentrations compared poorly wit...

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  • Temporal trends of mercury in marine biota of west and northwest Greenland.

    abstract::Temporal trends in mercury concentrations ([Hg]) during the last two to three decades were determined in liver of shorthorn sculpin, ringed seal and Atlantic walrus from northwest Greenland (NWG, 77 degrees N) and in liver of shorthorn sculpin and ringed seal from central west Greenland (CWG, 69 degrees N) during the ...

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  • Depositional history and inventories of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) in sediment cores from an Antarctic Specially Managed Area (Admiralty Bay, King George Island).

    abstract::Temporal patterns, fluxes and inventories of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) were assessed in nine sediment cores collected from selected areas of Admiralty Bay off the Antarctic Peninsula. Concentrations of total PCBs were low, but slightly higher in comparison to low-impacted, remote environments in the world, rang...

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  • Metal contents in Porites corals: Anthropogenic input of river run-off into a coral reef from an urbanized area, Okinawa.

    abstract::In order to monitor pollutants from urban areas to coral reefs, metal contents in Porites coral samples collected from the Hija River mouth and at nearby sites from the estuary were analyzed. The corals were cleaned by oxidative and reductive treatments to effectively eliminate detritus and organic materials. Metal-to...

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  • High congruence of isotope sewage signals in multiple marine taxa.

    abstract::Assessments of sewage pollution routinely employ stable nitrogen isotope analysis (δ(15)N) in biota, but multiple taxa are rarely used. This single species focus leads to underreporting of whether derived spatial N patterns are consistent. Here we test the question of 'reproducibility', incorporating 'taxonomic replic...

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    authors: Connolly RM,Gorman D,Hindell JS,Kildea TN,Schlacher TA

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  • Concentrations of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in liver samples of juvenile green sea turtles from Brazil: Can these compounds play a role in the development of fibropapillomatosis?

    abstract::Fibropapillomatosis (FP) poses a significant threat to the conservation of green sea turtles (Chelonia mydas). Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons-PAHs are considered mutagenic, carcinogenic and toxic, and can act as cofactor of this disease. In order to evaluate possible differences between green sea turtles with and wi...

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  • New diagnostic ratios based on phenanthrenes and anthracenes for effective distinguishing heavy fuel oils from crude oils.

    abstract::The heavy fuel oils (HFOs) and crude oils are the main oil types in the marine oil spill accidents in China. It is usually a challenge to distinguish the HFOs from crude oils due to the highly similar physicochemical characteristics. In this paper, the distributions of phenanthrene (Phe), anthracene (Ant), methyl-phen...

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  • Improving optimization efficiency for the total pollutant load allocation in large two-dimensional water areas: Bohai Sea (China) case study.

    abstract::The total pollutant load allocation (TPLA) can be transformed into an optimization problem with regards to water quality constraints. The optimization calculation may become very time consuming when the number of water quality constraint equations is great. A Trial and Error Method (TEM) to remove the redundant points...

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  • Fate and tidal transport of butyltin and mercury compounds in the waters of the tropical Bach Dang Estuary (Haiphong, Vietnam).

    abstract::In this work, two field campaigns were performed in July 2008 (wet season) and March 2009 (dry season) to produce original data on the concentration, partition and distribution of mercury and butyltin compounds along the tropical Bach Dang Estuary located in North Vietnam (Haiphong, Red River Delta). The results demon...

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  • The impact of anthropogenic activity at the tropical Sergipe-Poxim estuarine system, Northeast Brazil: Fecal indicators.

    abstract::The individual concentrations and sources of sterols in sediments samples collected in two periods 2017 (dry period /March and rainy period/August) were determined along with the Sergipe-Poxim estuarine system, Aracaju, Brazil. The individual sterols concentration ranged from 135 to 21,746 ng g-1 (March) and 191 to 14...

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    authors: Dos Reis Souza MR,Santos E,Suzarte JS,do Carmo LO,Soares LS,Santos LGGV,Júnior ARV,Krause LC,Frena M,Damasceno FC,Huang Y,da Rosa Alexandre M

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  • Marine wildlife entanglement: Assessing knowledge, attitudes, and relevant behaviour in the Australian community.

    abstract::Marine debris remains a global challenge, with significant impacts on wildlife. Despite this, there is a paucity of research examining public understanding about marine wildlife entanglement [MWE], particularly within an Australian context. The present study surveyed two hundred and thirteen participants across three ...

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  • Wastewater injection, aquifer biogeochemical reactions, and resultant groundwater N fluxes to coastal waters: Kā'anapali, Maui, Hawai'i.

    abstract::We utilize N and C species concentration data along with δ(15)N values of NO3(-) and δ(13)C values of dissolved inorganic C to evaluate the stoichiometry of biogeochemical reactions (mineralization, nitrification, anammox, and denitrification) occurring within a subsurface wastewater plume that originates as treated w...

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  • Description of buoyant fibers adhering to Argonauta nouryi (Cephalopoda: Argonautidae) collected from the stomach contents of three top predators in the Mexican South Pacific.

    abstract::Argonauta nouryi Lorois, 1852 is an octopod that inhabits the holopelagic zone, the objective of this study was to describe the occurrence of buoyant fibers adhering to the body and mantle cavity of A. nouryi females found in the stomach contents from Euthynnus lineatus (skipjack), Coryphaena hippurus (dolphinfish), a...

    journal_title:Marine pollution bulletin

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    authors: Del Carmen Alejo-Plata M,Herrera-Galindo E,Cruz-González DG

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  • Combining geochemical and chemometric tools to assess the environmental impact of potentially toxic elements in surface sediment samples from an urban river.

    abstract::This article investigates sediments collected from the banks of the Subaé River located in Todos os Santos Bay in the state of Bahia, Brazil, in 2018, twenty-five years after the closing of a former lead alloy processing plant. Ten sediment samples were collected at different points of the course of the river and its ...

    journal_title:Marine pollution bulletin

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    authors: da Silva Júnior JB,Abreu IM,de Oliveira DAF,Hadlich GM,de Albergaria Barbosa ACR

    更新日期:2020-06-01 00:00:00

  • Assessment of Hurricane Ivan impact on chlorophyll-a in Pensacola Bay by MODIS 250 m remote sensing.

    abstract::The impact of Hurricane Ivan on water quality in Pensacola Bay was investigated by MODIS 250m remote sensing of chlorophyll-a concentrations at different time slots before and after the hurricane event. Before the hurricane, the mean chlorophyll-a in the Bay was 5.3 μg/L. Heavy rainfall occurred during the hurricane l...

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    authors: Huang W,Mukherjee D,Chen S

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  • Effects of microplastics and attached heavy metals on growth, immunity, and heavy metal accumulation in the yellow seahorse, Hippocampus kuda Bleeker.

    abstract::Microplastics represent a new kind of environmental pollutant that has recently attracted extensive attention and become a research hotspot. Microplastics are similar in size to the food items of many marine organisms and are thus, often consumed by them, with potentially harmful and toxic effects. We examined the eff...

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  • Shoreline oiling from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

    abstract::We build on previous work to construct a comprehensive database of shoreline oiling exposure from the Deepwater Horizon (DWH) spill by compiling field and remotely-sensed datasets to support oil exposure and injury quantification. We compiled a spatial database of shoreline segments with attributes summarizing habitat...

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