Oncolytic adenovirus Delta-24-RGD induces a widespread glioma proteotype remodeling during autophagy.


:Adenovirus Delta-24-RGD has shown a remarkable efficacy in a phase I clinical trial for glioblastoma. Delta-24-RGD induces autophagy in glioma cells, however, the molecular derangements associated with Delta-24-RGD infection remains poorly understood. Here, proteomics was applied to characterize the glioma metabolic disturbances soon after Delta-24-RGD internalization and late in infection. Minutes post-infection, a rapid survival reprogramming of glioma cells was evidenced by an early c-Jun activation and a time-dependent dephosphorylation of multiple survival kinases. At 48 h post-infection (hpi), a severe intracellular proteostasis impairment was characterized, detecting differentially expressed proteins related to mRNA splicing, cytoskeletal organization, oxidative response, and inflammation. Specific kinase-regulated protein interactomes for Delta-24-RGD-modulated proteome revealed interferences with the activation dynamics of protein kinases C and A (PKC, PKA), tyrosine-protein kinase Src (c-Src), glycogen synthase kinase-3 (GSK-3) as well as serine/threonine-protein phosphatases 1 and 2A (PP1, PP2A) at 48hpi, in parallel with adenoviral protein overproduction. Moreover, the late activation of the nuclear factor kappa B (NF-κB) correlates with the extracellular increment of specific cytokines involved in migration, and activation of different inflammatory cells. Taken together, our integrative analysis provides further insights into the effects triggered by Delta-24-RGD in the modulation of tumor suppression and immune response against glioma. SIGNIFICANCE: The current study provides new insights regarding the molecular mechanisms governing the glioma metabolism during Delta-24-RGD oncolytic adenoviral therapy. The compilation and analysis of intracellular and extracellular proteomics have led us to characterize: i) the cell survival reprogramming during Delta-24-RGD internalization, ii) the proteostatic disarrangement induced by Delta-24-RGD during the autophagic stage, iii) the protein interactomes for Delta-24-RGD-modulated proteome, iv) the regulatory effects on kinase dynamics induced by Delta-24-RGD late in infection, and v) the overproduction of multitasking cytokines upon Delta-24-RGD treatment. We consider that the quantitative molecular maps generated in this study may establish the foundations for the development of complementary adenoviral based-vectors to increase the potency against glioma.


J Proteomics


Journal of proteomics


González-Morales A,Zabaleta A,García-Moure M,Alonso MM,Fernández-Irigoyen J,Santamaría E




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