Drug-induced jaundice. An uncommon but puzzling reaction.


:Drug-induced jaundice is relatively uncommon but can be a diagnostic puzzle. Because so many pharmaceutical classes and individual agents can produce jaundice, a thorough history of medications taken should be obtained from a patient presenting with jaundice. Jaundice usually resolves when the offending agent is discontinued.


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  • Health care provider management of patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus: analysis of trends in attitudes and practices.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To identify attitudes and practices of endocrinologists (ENDOs), family practitioners (FPs), internists (IMs), primary care nurse practitioners (NPs), physician assistants (PAs), certified diabetes educators (CDEs), retail pharmacists (R-PHs), and hospital pharmacists (H-PHs) with respect to type 2 diabetes m...

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  • Moderate Parkinson's disease. Strategies for maximizing treatment.

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  • Drug management of stable angina pectoris.

    abstract::Nitroglycerin and long-acting nitrates are the pharmacologic mainstays of antianginal therapy, both for acute attacks and for prophylaxis. Propranolol is often effective for prophylaxis in patients incompletely helped by nitrates. A holistic approach is stressed. Appropriate drug use will effect marked improvement in ...

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  • Benign essential tremor: features that aid in diagnosis.

    abstract::Benign essential tremor can be distinguished from parkinsonism by its rapid frequency, the involvement of voice and head, and the common finding of a positive family history. Essential tremor is less incapacitating than parkinsonism and less inexorably progressive. Propranolol (Inderal) is the best therapy available a...

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  • Evaluation of involuntary weight loss. Where do you start?

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  • Lymphedema of the limb. An overview of treatment options.

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  • Management of diabetes in patients with chronic kidney disease.

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  • Migraine headache. Working for the best outcome.

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  • Exercise-induced asthma.

    abstract::Exercise-induced asthma can appear as one of many forms of airway hyperreactivity or as a unique clinical entity. Simple spirometry confirms the suspected clinical diagnosis in most instances, although more sensitive measurements of airway obstruction may be required. In general, the asthmatic need not restrict physic...

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  • Efficacy and safety of saxagliptin combination therapy in US patients with type 2 diabetes.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:The mechanism of action of dipeptidyl peptidase-4 inhibitors, such as saxagliptin, makes them suitable for combination therapy in type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM). Genetic, cultural, and environmental differences in individuals from different regions of the world may result in differences in treatment respons...

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  • Rheumatoid arthritis. Targeted interventions can minimize joint destruction.

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  • Rheumatic diseases. 1. Differential diagnosis.

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  • Superficial and cutaneous fungal infections: diagnosis and treatment.

    abstract::Fungal infections usually have characteristics that make them easily identifiable. In most cases, clinical diagnosis can be readily confirmed by examining the lesions under Wood's light or by placing infected material in potassium hydroxide solution and examining the preparation microscopically. Dermatophytes can be r...

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  • Role of primary care physicians in intrathecal pain management: a narrative review of the literature.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:The majority of patients seeking medical care for chronic pain consult a primary care physician (PCP). Because systemic opioids are commonly prescribed to patients with chronic pain, PCPs are attempting to balance the competing priorities of providing adequate pain relief while reducing risks for opioid misu...

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  • Cancer of the colon and rectum. A review.

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  • Epistaxis packing. Practical pointers for nosebleed control.

    abstract::Primary care physicians often encounter epistaxis. Its treatment may involve nasal sponge tampons, double-balloon nasal catheters, and anterior gauze with posterior Foley catheters, depending on the location of the bleed. Topical anesthetic and decongestant agents are essential, and intravenous analgesia, which enhanc...

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  • Thromboembolism during pregnancy. Risks, challenges, and recommendations.

    abstract::Pregnancy is an important risk factor for venous thrombosis, and venous thromboembolism is a leading cause of preventable death in pregnancy. Diagnosis of venous thromboembolism is complicated in that the symptoms of dyspnea and lower extremity edema are relatively common complaints of pregnant patients. Physicians sh...

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  • Evaluation of a first seizure. Is it epilepsy?

    abstract::The first step in evaluation of a presumed seizure is to determine whether the event was indeed a seizure and which diagnostic studies are needed. The second step is to correctly diagnose the seizure on the basis of the medical history and findings from the physical, neurologic, and laboratory evaluation. The third st...

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  • Efficacy and tolerability of long-term venlafaxine XR therapy for GAD. Results of long-term, double-blind, placebo-controlled studies.

    abstract::Various antidepressants and anxiolytic agents have proved to be effective as short-term therapy for generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) and other anxiety disorders. However, less is known about their efficacy in the long-term treatment of GAD. This gap in our knowledge poses a problem for physicians, who treat GAD over...

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    authors: Lydiard RB

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  • The solitary pulmonary nodule. Is it malignant or benign?

    abstract::Solitary pulmonary nodules are usually identified on routine chest radiographs in asymptomatic patients. Most nodules have a benign cause, but bronchogenic carcinoma, metastases, and other malignant processes are important causes as well and must be excluded in differential diagnosis. Plain chest radiography, computed...

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    authors: Dholakia S,Rappaport DC

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  • Human insulin. Its development and clinical use.

    abstract::With the recent availability of human insulin, we have entered a new era in therapy for diabetes mellitus. Human insulin is not a cure for diabetes; however, no disadvantages are known to be associated with its use at present. Human insulin costs less than the other purified insulins, and because of its potential adva...

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  • Gastric volvulus. More common than previously thought?

    abstract::Gastric volvulus is torsion of the stomach, which can compromise the gastric orifices and result in either acute or chronic and intermittent symptoms. We believe that gastric volvulus, especially when partial or intermittent, may be more common than has been previously thought. The condition should be suspected in any...

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  • Theophylline therapy. Titrating dosage requirements.

    abstract::Theophylline has long been a cornerstone of bronchodilator therapy for asthma and chronic obstructive lung disease, but until recently its use carried the risk of serious, even fatal, toxicity. With recent advances in understanding of this drug's pharmacologic properties and pharmacokinetic characteristics, serious to...

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  • Proteinuria. How much evaluation is appropriate?

    abstract::Primary care physicians play an important role in the outpatient evaluation of proteinuria, a common finding in everyday medical practice. Therefore, it is important to recognize which symptoms and signs signal the need for further evaluation. A simple urine dipstick test usually is the first step, but factors leading...

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  • Gallstone symptoms. Myth and reality.

    abstract::Gallstones are very common, but at least two thirds of detected stones are asymptomatic and a large number undoubtedly go undetected. The presence of symptoms or complications is the indication for surgery. It is important to accurately identify which symptoms are caused by gallstones, because removing the gallbladder...

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  • Bronchiectasis in adults: a review.

    abstract::Bronchiectasis is characterized by permanent, abnormal dilation of the bronchi with chronic inflammation and infection. Bronchiectasis is either caused by or associated with several systemic disorders, and in a significant number of cases, the underlying etiology remains unidentified and is subsequently referred to as...

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  • Special aspects of primary care.

    abstract::Common dislocations that can usually be managed in the office include anterior dislocations of the shoulder, posterior dislocations of the elbow and joints of the fingers and toes, and lateral dislocations of the patella. A systematic approach based on an understanding of the mechanism of injury, roentgenographic docu...

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