Osteoporosis. A review.


:This article provides physical therapists with current information about osteoporosis. I describe the epidemiology and etiology of the condition and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of measurement techniques used to detect and quantify bone mass. I outline methods of retarding or preventing osteoporosis and present management and treatment techniques that can be used with people who already have the condition. I close by summarizing current knowledge of osteoporosis and areas of research that should be explored to enhance our ability to detect, prevent, and treat osteoporosis.


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Physical therapy


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  • Interrater reliability of the extended ICF core set for stroke applied by physical therapists.

    abstract:BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE:The World Health Organization's International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF) is gaining recognition in physical therapy. The Extended ICF Core Set for Stroke is a practical tool that represents a selection of categories from the whole classification and can be used alo...

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  • Nonparametric testing using the chi-square distribution.

    abstract::We have described three separate uses of the chi-square distribution: comparing observed and expected frequency distributions of a nominal variable, testing for the independence of two variables, and using the chi-square test in determining correlation coefficients. We hope this paper has helped you gain an understand...

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  • Gait characteristics of elderly people with a history of falls: a dynamic approach.

    abstract:BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE:This study investigated changes in the kinematics of elderly people who experienced at least one fall 6 months prior to data collection. The authors hypothesized that, in order to decrease variability of walking, people with a history of falls would show different kinematic adaptations of their w...

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  • Beyond lecture and laboratory in the physical therapy classroom.

    abstract::The purpose of this paper is to describe how two teaching models, the Inquiry Training Model and the Simulation Model, have been adapted for use in the physical therapy classroom. To help students synthesize the various physical therapy skills they were learning, variations of the Inquiry Training Model and the Simula...

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  • Improving Physical Therapy Pain Care, Quality, and Cost Through Effectiveness-Implementation Research.

    abstract::The variability and delay in utilizing evidence in clinical practice are barriers to improving care, quality, and cost in health care, as charged by the "triple aim" framework. Scientific research provides an avenue not only to further the field of pain research, but also to study and change the patterns and processes...

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  • Risk Adjustment of the Modified Low Back Pain Disability Questionnaire and Neck Disability Index to Benchmark Physical Therapist Performance: Analysis From an Outcomes Registry.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Patient-reported outcomes (PROs) have been touted as the ultimate assessment of quality medical care and have been proposed as performance measures after appropriate risk adjustment. Although spine conditions represent the most common orthopedic disorders, the most used PROs for disabilities related to the b...

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  • Evaluation of Fidgety Movements of Infants Based on Gestalt Perception Reflects Differences in Limb Movement Trajectory Curvature.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Infants aged 2 to 5 months show spontaneous general movements (GMs) of the whole body, which are referred to as fidgety movements (FMs). Although previous studies have shown that evaluation of GMs by the General Movement Assessment (GMA) has predictive value about later neurological impairments, it remains u...

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  • Clinical research agenda for physical therapy.

    abstract::The American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) has developed a clinical research agenda that is designed to support, explain, and enhance physical therapy clinical practice by facilitating research that is useful primarily to clinicians. The Clinical Research Agenda was developed through a series of conferences and ...

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  • Facial pain associated with fibromyalgia can be marked by abnormal neuromuscular control: a cross-sectional study.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Temporomandibular disorder (TMD) development in fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS) is not yet fully understood, but altered neuromuscular control in FMS may play a role in triggering TMD. OBJECTIVE:The purpose of this study was to verify the association between neuromuscular control and chronic facial pain in grou...

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    authors: Gui MS,Pedroni CR,Aquino LM,Pimentel MJ,Alves MC,Rossini S,Reimão R,Berzin F,Marques AP,Rizzatti-Barbosa CM

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  • Clinical and Ambulatory Gait Speed in Older Adults: Associations With Several Physical, Mental, and Cognitive Health Outcomes.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Although clinical gait speed may indicate health and well-being in older adults, there is a lack of studies comparing clinical tests with ambulatory gait speed with regard to several health outcomes. OBJECTIVE:The objective of this study was to examine the associations of clinical gait speed, measured by th...

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  • Falling Down on the Job: Evaluation and Treatment of Fall Risk Among Older Adults With Upper Extremity Fragility Fractures.

    abstract:Background:Clinical practice guidelines recommend fall risk assessment and intervention for older adults who sustain a fall-related injury to prevent future injury and mobility decline. Objective:The aim of this study was to describe how often Medicare beneficiaries with upper extremity fracture receive evaluation and...

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  • Determinants of guideline use in primary care physical therapy: a cross-sectional survey of attitudes, knowledge, and behavior.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Understanding of attitudes, knowledge, and behavior related to evidence-based practice (EBP) and use of evidence-based clinical practice guidelines in primary care physical therapy is limited. OBJECTIVES:The objectives of this study were: (1) to investigate self-reported attitudes, knowledge, behavior, prer...

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  • Understanding and treating "pusher syndrome".

    abstract::"Pusher syndrome" is a clinical disorder following left or right brain damage in which patients actively push away from the nonhemiparetic side, leading to a loss of postural balance. The mechanism underlying this disorder and its related anatomy have only recently been identified. Investigation of patients with sever...

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    authors: Karnath HO,Broetz D

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  • Whirlpool versus whirlpool rinse for removal of bacteria from a venous stasis ulcer.

    abstract::The number of bacteria removed from a venous stasis ulcer by whirlpool treatment alone and that removed by whirlpool treatment followed by vigorous rinsing are compared. A single subject received the whirlpool treatment followed by the rinse on 12 separate occasions. The number of bacteria removed was determined by ta...

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  • Proprietary physical therapy service in entry-level physical therapy curricula.

    abstract::The purposes of this study were to 1) assess the value of including an expanded business administration unit that would include proprietary practice issues in an entry-level physical therapy curriculum and 2) organize topics by priority that could be included in such a unit. Twenty-seven physical therapists (100%) in ...

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  • Sex differences in career expectations of physical therapist students.

    abstract:BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE:There are some sex differences in the career activities of physical therapists. The purpose of this study was to determine whether these sex differences are reflected in the career expectations of physical therapist students. SUBJECTS:Participants were 919 physical therapist students. METHODS:F...

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    authors: Johanson MA

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  • Clinical orthopedic medicine course for physical therapy students. Aligning content with current practice.

    abstract::The purpose of our study was to obtain information that would help align instruction in a clinical orthopedic medicine course for physical therapy students with the current practice of physical therapists. We sent a questionnaire concerning treatment of orthopedic conditions to 3,000 physical therapists. Of the 1,804 ...

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  • Understanding the lived experiences of patients: application of a phenomenological approach to ethics.

    abstract::This perspective article provides a justification, with an overview, of the use of phenomenological inquiry and the interpretation into the everyday ethical concerns of patients with disabilities. Disability is explored as a transformative process that involves physical, cognitive, and moral changes. This perspective ...

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  • Predicting Success for Student Physical Therapists on the National Physical Therapy Examination: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:In physical therapist education, the National Physical Therapy Examination (NPTE) is the predominant measure of student success. Because the NPTE is a high-stakes examination, predicting NPTE performance is important for physical therapist students and programs. PURPOSE:The purpose of this study was to dete...

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  • Factors influencing quadriceps femoris muscle torque using transcutaneous neuromuscular electrical stimulation.

    abstract::Quadriceps femoris muscle torque was measured in 40 subjects during transcutaneous neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES). Three different electrode types (carbonized rubber, sponge, and adhesive) were used on each subject, permitting determination of the factors that influenced the magnitude of quadriceps femori...

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    authors: Lieber RL,Kelly MJ

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  • Effects of repetitive handgrip training on endurance, specificity, and cross-education.

    abstract:BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE:Exercise programs are more likely to be successful when they are based on research that predicts the outcomes of such training. This study determined the effect of submaximal rhythmic handgrip training on rhythmic handgrip endurance or work (RHW), isometric handgrip endurance time (IHE), and maxi...

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  • Early detection of scoliosis. A neurological approach using the asymmetrical tonic neck reflex.

    abstract::The purpose of this study was to determine the relationship between the asymmetrical tonic neck reflex (ATNR) and the occurrence of scoliosis in healthy children. One hundred eighty-four children, between the ages of 10 years, 5 months to 13 years, 10 months, who attended a rural elementary school were selected for th...

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    authors: Connolly BH,Michael BT

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  • "I Have Everything to Win and Nothing to Lose": Patient Experiences of Mobilization Out of Bed Immediately After Abdominal Surgery.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:Early mobilization is advocated for patients going through abdominal surgery; however, little is known about the patient experience of being mobilized immediately after surgery. The purpose of this study was to explore patient experiences of mobilization immediately after elective abdominal cancer surgery. M...

    journal_title:Physical therapy

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    authors: Svensson-Raskh A,Schandl A,Holdar U,Fagevik Olsén M,Nygren-Bonnier M

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  • Instruments for Measuring Satisfaction With Physical Therapy Care: A Systematic Review.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:Several instruments to measure patient satisfaction have been developed to assess satisfaction with physical therapy care. The selection of the most appropriate instrument is very important. The purpose of this study was to identify instruments for assessing satisfaction with physical therapy care and their p...

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  • Use of neuromuscular electrical stimulation and [corrected] dorsal wrist splint to improve the hand function of a child with spastic hemiparesis.

    abstract::This case report describes a program for a child with spastic hemiparesis who had previously received physical therapy with neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES). After a year without physical therapy, he returned to continue to receive NMES to strengthen muscles, increase sensory awareness, and improve hand fun...

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  • Physical therapist-delivered cognitive-behavioral therapy: a qualitative study of physical therapists' perceptions and experiences.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:The importance of the biopsychosocial model in assessment and management of chronic musculoskeletal conditions is recognized. Physical therapists have been encouraged to develop psychologically informed practice. Little is known about the process of physical therapists' learning and delivering of psychologic...

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    authors: Nielsen M,Keefe FJ,Bennell K,Jull GA

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  • Integrating cognitive strategies into the physical therapy setting.

    abstract::Effectively integrating cognitive management concepts into the physical therapy setting is dependent upon an adequate understanding of the cognitive and behavioral consequences of head injury and the appropriate use of diagnostic and prognostic cognitive data as a basis for program design. The intent of this article i...

    journal_title:Physical therapy

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    authors: Malkmus D

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  • Effect of Fluori-Methane spray on passive hip flexion.

    abstract::The purpose of the study was to evaluate the influence of Fluori-Methane spray as a method of affecting passive range of motion measured at the right hip joint. Subjects were 30 normal volunteers randomly divided into an experimental group and a control group. A special table was constructed to position and stabilize ...

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  • Combined clinical and home rehabilitation: case report of an integrated knowledge-to-action study in a Dutch rehabilitation stroke unit.

    abstract:BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE:There is growing awareness that the poor uptake of evidence in health care is not a knowledge-transfer problem but rather one of knowledge production. This issue calls for re-examination of the evidence produced and assumptions that underpin existing knowledge-to-action (KTA) activities. Accordin...

    journal_title:Physical therapy

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    authors: Nanninga CS,Postema K,Schönherr MC,van Twillert S,Lettinga AT

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  • Comparison of the Berg Balance Scale and the Mini-BESTest for Assessing Balance in Ambulatory People With Spinal Cord Injury: Validation Study.

    abstract:Background:The Berg Balance Scale (BBS) has several constraints-ceiling effect, low responsiveness, and uncertain predictability of falls-in neurological populations. The Mini-BESTest, which has not yet been validated in spinal cord injury (SCI) populations, has shown no ceiling effect, slightly better responsiveness, ...

    journal_title:Physical therapy

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    authors: Jørgensen V,Opheim A,Halvarsson A,Franzén E,Roaldsen KS

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