Visually interpretable deep network for diagnosis of breast masses on mammograms.


:Recently, deep learning technology has achieved various successes in medical image analysis studies including computer-aided diagnosis (CADx). However, current CADx approaches based on deep learning have a limitation in interpreting diagnostic decisions. The limited interpretability is a major challenge for practical use of current deep learning approaches. In this paper, a novel visually interpretable deep network framework is proposed to provide diagnostic decisions with visual interpretation. The proposed method is motivated by the fact that the radiologists characterize breast masses according to the breast imaging reporting and data system (BIRADS). The proposed deep network framework consists of a BIRADS guided diagnosis network and a BIRADS critic network. A 2D map, named BIRADS guide map, is generated in the inference process of the deep network. The visual features extracted from the breast masses could be refined by the BIRADS guide map, which helps the deep network to focus on more informative areas. The BIRADS critic network makes the BIRADS guide map to be relevant to the characterization of masses in terms of BIRADS description. To verify the proposed method, comparative experiments have been conducted on public mammogram database. On the independent test set (170 malignant masses and 170 benign masses), the proposed method was found to have significantly higher performance compared to the deep network approach without using the BIRADS guide map (p  <  0.05). Moreover, the visualization was conducted to show the location where the deep network exploited more information. This study demonstrated that the proposed visually interpretable CADx framework could be a promising approach for visually interpreting the diagnostic decision of the deep network.


Phys Med Biol


Kim ST,Lee JH,Lee H,Ro YM




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2018-12-04 00:00:00












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    abstract::Absorbed dose values were determined under the reference conditions in a phantom irradiated by high-energy photon beams with quality varying between 60Co gamma rays and 25 MV X-rays, using four commonly employed types of ionisation chamber. The ionisation chamber readings were converted to absorbed dose values applyin...

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  • Regional deep hyperthermia: impact of observer variability in CT-based manual tissue segmentation on simulated temperature distribution.

    abstract::The aim of this study was to systematically investigate the influence of the inter- and intra-observer segmentation variation of tumors and organs at risk on the simulated temperature coverage of the target. CT scans of six patients with tumors in the pelvic region acquired for radiotherapy treatment planning were use...

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  • Investigating the effect of longitudinal micro-CT imaging on tumour growth in mice.

    abstract::The aim of this study is to determine the impact of longitudinal micro-CT imaging on the growth of B16F1 tumours in C57BL/6 mice. Sixty mice received 2 × 10(5) B16F1 cells subcutaneously in the hind flank and were divided into control (no scan), 'low-dose' (80 kVp, 70 mA, 8 s, 0.07 Gy), 'medium-dose' (80 kVp, 50 mA, 3...

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