A Field Bioassay of Nitrogen and Phosphorus Phytoextraction from Biosolids in a Seasonally Frozen End-of-Life Municipal Lagoon Vegetated with Cattail.


:Managing biosolids from end-of-life municipal lagoons is a major challenge for many small communities where landfilling or spreading of biosolids on farmland is restricted. Contaminant removal via phytoextraction may be a viable remediation option for end-of-life lagoons in such communities. This study examined the effect of harvest frequency (once or twice per season) on cattail ( L.) biomass yield and N and P removal under a terrestrial phytoremediation system designed to treat the dewatered secondary cell of a municipal lagoon in Manitoba, Canada. Cattail was harvested once or twice per season from eight vegetation transects, each divided into two plots (2.5 × 2.5 m) to accommodate the two harvest frequencies. Biomass yields were greater for the single harvest (5.7 t ha yr) than for two harvests per season (4.8 t ha yr). This was mirrored by N phytoextraction, which was also greater for the single harvest (71 kg ha yr) than the two-harvest frequency (58 kg ha yr). Phosphorus phytoextraction varied with year of harvest and ranged from 8 to 14 kg ha yr. Cumulative N and P phytoextraction amounts during the 5 yr were 330 kg N ha and 57 kg P ha. A greater fraction of N (51-91 kg ha yr) and P (23-40 kg ha yr) was sequestered in the belowground biomass (11-17 t ha yr) and therefore was not removed by harvesting. These results show that phytoremediation using cattail is a viable option for managing N and P in end-life lagoons.


J Environ Qual


Jeke N,Zvomuya F




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