SLiM 3: Forward Genetic Simulations Beyond the Wright-Fisher Model.


:With the desire to model population genetic processes under increasingly realistic scenarios, forward genetic simulations have become a critical part of the toolbox of modern evolutionary biology. The SLiM forward genetic simulation framework is one of the most powerful and widely used tools in this area. However, its foundation in the Wright-Fisher model has been found to pose an obstacle to implementing many types of models; it is difficult to adapt the Wright-Fisher model, with its many assumptions, to modeling ecologically realistic scenarios such as explicit space, overlapping generations, individual variation in reproduction, density-dependent population regulation, individual variation in dispersal or migration, local extinction and recolonization, mating between subpopulations, age structure, fitness-based survival and hard selection, emergent sex ratios, and so forth. In response to this need, we here introduce SLiM 3, which contains two key advancements aimed at abolishing these limitations. First, the new non-Wright-Fisher or "nonWF" model type provides a much more flexible foundation that allows the easy implementation of all of the above scenarios and many more. Second, SLiM 3 adds support for continuous space, including spatial interactions and spatial maps of environmental variables. We provide a conceptual overview of these new features, and present several example models to illustrate their use.


Mol Biol Evol


Haller BC,Messer PW




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  • Selection and Neutral Mutations Drive Pervasive Mutability Losses in Long-Lived Anti-HIV B-Cell Lineages.

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  • Molecular evolution of cytochrome c oxidase: rate variation among subunit VIa isoforms.

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  • Parsimony, likelihood, and the role of models in molecular phylogenetics.

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  • Hierarchical patterns of global human Y-chromosome diversity.

    abstract::We examined 43 biallelic polymorphisms on the nonrecombining portion of the Y chromosome (NRY) in 50 human populations encompassing a total of 2,858 males to study the geographic structure of Y-chromosome variation. Patterns of NRY diversity varied according to geographic region and method/level of comparison. For exa...

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  • Whole-genome expression plasticity across tropical and temperate Drosophila melanogaster populations from Eastern Australia.

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  • Molecular phylogeny, biogeography, and habitat preference evolution of marsupials.

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  • Molecular evolution of the period gene in Drosophila athabasca.

    abstract::We measured nucleotide variability within and between the three semispecies of the Drosophila athabasca complex, at the period (per) gene by using a polymerase chain reaction-based four-cutter restriction-enzyme analysis. The levels of polymorphism varied considerably between the three semispecies. Our results for per...

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  • Body size effects and rates of cytochrome b evolution in tube-nosed seabirds.

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  • Small RNAs Reflect Grandparental Environments in Apomictic Dandelion.

    abstract::Plants can show long-term effects of environmental stresses and in some cases a stress "memory" has been reported to persist across generations, potentially mediated by epigenetic mechanisms. However, few documented cases exist of transgenerational effects that persist for multiple generations and it remains unclear i...

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  • Multiple ribonuclease H-encoding genes in the Caenorhabditis elegans genome contrasts with the two typical ribonuclease H-encoding genes in the human genome.

    abstract::Database searches of the Caenorhabditis elegans and human genomic DNA sequences revealed genes encoding ribonuclease H1 (RNase H1) and RNase H2 in each genome. The human genome contains a single copy of each gene, whereas C. elegans has four genes encoding RNase H1-related proteins and one gene for RNase H2. By analyz...

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    abstract::A parsimony analysis was performed on restriction sites at the Hba-ps4 pseudogene locus within one of four inversions associated with mouse t haplotypes. The results suggest that all t haplotypes form a monophyletic group and that the in (17)4 inversion originated before the radiation of the Mus musculus species compl...

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  • Talpid Mole Phylogeny Unites Shrew Moles and Illuminates Overlooked Cryptic Species Diversity.

    abstract::The mammalian family Talpidae (moles, shrew moles, desmans) is characterized by diverse ecomorphologies associated with terrestrial, semi-aquatic, semi-fossorial, fossorial, and aquatic-fossorial lifestyles. Prominent specializations involved with these different lifestyles, and the transitions between them, pose outs...

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  • In Planta Recapitulation of Isoprene Synthase Evolution from Ocimene Synthases.

    abstract::Isoprene is the most abundant biogenic volatile hydrocarbon compound naturally emitted by plants and plays a major role in atmospheric chemistry. It has been proposed that isoprene synthases (IspS) may readily evolve from other terpene synthases, but this hypothesis has not been experimentally investigated. We isolate...

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  • Rare variation facilitates inferences of fine-scale population structure in humans.

    abstract::Understanding the genetic structure of human populations has important implications for the design and interpretation of disease mapping studies and reconstructing human evolutionary history. To date, inferences of human population structure have primarily been made with common variants. However, recent large-scale re...

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  • Evolution of DNA base composition under no-strand-bias conditions when the substitution rates are not constant.

    abstract::The evolution of DNA base composition evolution is simplified to a six-parameter model when there are no strand biases for mutation and selection. We analyzed the dynamics of this model with special attention to the influence of a change in substitution rates. The G + C content of the DNA sequence tends to an equilibr...

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  • Influence of mutational and sampling factors on the estimation of demographic parameters in a "continuous" population under isolation by distance.

    abstract::In numerous species, individual dispersal is restricted in space so that "continuous" populations evolve under isolation by distance. A method based on individual genotypes assuming a lattice population model was recently developed to estimate the product Dsigma2, where D is the population density and sigma2 is the av...

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  • Restriction-map variation in the alcohol dehydrogenase region of Drosophila pseudoobscura.

    abstract::A 32-kb region including the Adh structural gene was analyzed with six restriction endonucleases in 20 lines of Drosophila pseudoobscura, one line of D. persimilis, and one line of D. miranda. Nineteen lines of D. pseudoobscura from a single population were estimated to be polymorphic at one in every 15 nucleotides (p...

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  • Phylogenomic analysis of the uracil-DNA glycosylase superfamily.

    abstract::The spontaneous deamination of cytosine produces uracil mispaired with guanine in DNA, which will produce a mutation, unless repaired. In all domains of life, uracil-DNA glycosylases (UDGs) are responsible for the elimination of uracil from DNA. Thus, UDGs contribute to the integrity of the genetic information and the...

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  • Retortamonad flagellates are closely related to diplomonads--implications for the history of mitochondrial function in eukaryote evolution.

    abstract::We present the first molecular phylogenetic examination of the evolutionary position of retortamonads, a group of mitochondrion-lacking flagellates usually found as commensals of the intestinal tracts of vertebrates. Our phylogenies include small subunit ribosomal gene sequences from six retortamonad isolates-four fro...

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    authors: Silberman JD,Simpson AG,Kulda J,Cepicka I,Hampl V,Johnson PJ,Roger AJ

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  • CGIN1: a retroviral contribution to mammalian genomes.

    abstract::This study describes the origin and structural features of a mammalian gene, CGIN1 (Cousin of GIN1). CGIN1 proteins contain an NYN domain, retroviral RNase H and integrase domains, and a domain of unknown function (CGIN1 domain) that is also present in two other genes (N4BP1 and KIAA0323). We suggest that CGIN1 derive...

    journal_title:Molecular biology and evolution

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    authors: Marco A,Marín I

    更新日期:2009-10-01 00:00:00

  • Phylogenetic position of phylum Nemertini, inferred from 18S rRNA sequences: molecular data as a test of morphological character homology.

    abstract::Partial 18S rRNA sequence of the nemertine Cerebratulus lacteus was obtained and compared with those of coelomate metazoans and acoelomate platyhelminths to test whether nemertines share a most recent common ancestor with the platyhelminths, as traditionally has been implied, or whether nemertines lie within a protost...

    journal_title:Molecular biology and evolution

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    authors: Turbeville JM,Field KG,Raff RA

    更新日期:1992-03-01 00:00:00

  • A test for heterotachy using multiple pairs of sequences.

    abstract::Heterotachy is a general term to describe positions that evolve at different rates in different lineages. Heterotachy also can generally be viewed as multivariate rates-across-sites variation, which can be described as randomly drawing rates (or branch lengths) from a multivariate distribution for each branch at each ...

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    authors: Wu J,Susko E

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