Aluminum cluster for CO and O2 adsorption.


:Low temperature oxidation of CO to CO2 is an important process for the environment. Similarly adsorption of CO from the releasing sources is also of major concern today. Whereas the potential of gold and silver clusters is well proven for the catalysis of the above mentioned reaction, the potential of aluminum (Al) clusters remains unexplored. The present study proves that, similar to the transition metals, Al clusters can also be used for adsorption of gases. We first tested the potential of Al cluster as adsorbents for CO. The high binding energy (BE) values prove that Al clusters can be used for adsorbing both CO and O2. Since oxygen binding is more facile, we adsorbed oxygen on Al and then checked the effect of this O2 on the BE of CO. The results were obtained by DFT calculations at M062X/TZVP level of theory. Graphical abstract Activation of carbon monoxide (CO) on oxygen-adsorbed aluminum (Al) cluster.


J Mol Model


Samanta B,Sengupta T,Pal S




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  • A comparative study of one- and two-photon absorption properties of pyrene and perylene diimide derivatives.

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  • Comparison of the electronic properties, and thermodynamic and kinetic parameters of the aquation of selected platinum(II) derivatives with their anticancer IC50 indexes.

    abstract::Three potential anticancer agents {trans-[PtCl(2)(NH(3))(thiazole)], cis-[PtCl(2)(NH(3))(piperidine)], and PtCl(2)(NH(3))(cyclohexylamine) (JM118)} were explored and compared with cisplatin and the inactive [PtCl(dien)](+) complex. Basic electronic properties, bonding and stabilization energies were determined, and th...

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  • A study on antimalarial artemisinin derivatives using MEP maps and multivariate QSAR.

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  • Computational studies on nitro derivatives of BN indole as high energetic material.

    abstract::Nitrogen-rich heterocycles and their nitro derivatives are one of the important classes of energetic materials. In the present study, the computational methods have been applied to determine the thermodynamic and detonation properties of nitro derivatives of BN indole molecule. Structure optimization and electronic en...

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  • Addition theorems for Slater-type orbitals in momentum space and their application to three-center overlap integrals.

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  • Self-consistent field convergence for proteins: a comparison of full and localized-molecular-orbital schemes.

    abstract::Proteins in the gas phase present an extreme (and unrealistic) challenge for self-consistent-field iteration schemes because their ionized groups are very strong electron donors or acceptors, depending on their formal charge. This means that gas-phase proteins have a very small band gap but that their frontier orbital...

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  • DFT study of sulfur derivatives of cumulenes and their protonated forms of interstellar interest and calculations of dissociation energies of protonated forms (SC(CH)C(n-2)S)(+) (n = 3-8).

    abstract::A theoretical study of the sulfur cumulenes SCnS (n = 3-8), CnS ( n = 1-8) and of their protonated forms (SCnS)H(+) and (CnS)H(+) that might exist in the interstellar environment, has been carried out by means of the standard B3LYP/6-311G** method. The geometries and relative energies of singlet and triplet states acc...

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