A new method for modelling the tongue-and-groove in treatment planning systems.


:Commercial TPSs typically model the tongue-and-groove (TG) by extending the projections of the leaf sides by a certain constant width. However, this model may produce discrepancies of as much as 7%-10% in the calculated average doses, especially for the High Definition multi-leaf collimator (MLC) (Hernandez et al 2017 Phys. Med. Biol. 62 6688-707). The purpose of the present study is to introduce and validate a new method for modelling the TG that uses a non constant TG width. We provide the theoretical background and a detailed methodology to determine the optimal shape of this TG width from measurements and we fit an empirical function to the TG width that depended on two parameters [Formula: see text] and [Formula: see text]. Parameter [Formula: see text] represents the TG width and [Formula: see text] introduces a curvature correction in the width near the leaf tip end. The new TG model was implemented in MATLAB and when the curvature correction was zero ([Formula: see text]) it caused the same discrepancies as the constant width model used by the Eclipse TPS. On the other hand, when the experimentally determined [Formula: see text] was used the new model's calculations were in close agreement with measurements, with all differences in average doses [Formula: see text]1%. Additionally, film dosimetry was used to successfully validate the potential of the new TG model to recreate the fine spatial details associated to TG effects. We also showed that the parameters [Formula: see text], [Formula: see text] depend solely on the MLC design by evaluating three different linear accelerators for each MLC model considered, namely Varian's High Definition and Millennium120 MLCs. In conclusion, a new method was presented that greatly improves the TG modelling. The present method can be easily implemented in commercial TPSs and has the potential to further increase their accuracy, especially for MLCs with rounded leaf ends.


Phys Med Biol


Hernandez V,Vera-Sánchez JA,Vieillevigne L,Khamphan C,Saez J




Has Abstract


2018-12-10 00:00:00












  • On light sharing TOF-PET modules with depth of interaction and 157 ps FWHM coincidence time resolution.

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  • Imaging placental function: current technology, clinical needs, and emerging modalities.

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  • Estimation of mean glandular dose for contrast enhanced digital mammography: factors for use with the UK, European and IAEA breast dosimetry protocols.

    abstract::The UK, European and IAEA protocols for breast dosimetry in mammography use tabulations of conversion factors, which relate measurements of incident air kerma to the mean glandular dose to the breast. To supplement the existing tabulations, a Monte Carlo computer program has been used to calculate conversion factors f...

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    abstract::In this response we underscore that the instrumentation described in the original publication (Liu et al 2012 Phys. Med. Biol. 57 843-65) was based on pulse-sampling technique, while the comment by Zhang et al is based on the assumption that a time-correlated single photon counting (TCSPC) instrumentation was used. Th...

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  • Measurement of calcium in sections of a human skeleton using a reactor spectrum-in vivo activation analysis technique.

    abstract::Factors influencing the precision of measuring changes in the calcium content of sections of bone, including vertebrae, using reactor neutrons for partial body in vivo activation analysis have been examined and quantified. These factors include (a) the choice of incidient neutron spectrum, (b) the uniformity of activa...

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  • Experimental study on the influence of the central electrode in Farmer-type ionization chambers.

    abstract::In the IAEA TRS-381 protocol, k(cel) and p(cel) account for the central electrode perturbation during the air kerma chamber calibration and the in-phantom measurements. The values of these correction factors are based mainly on Monte Carlo simulations. In the present work experimental data on k(cel) and p(cel) for the...

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    abstract::A general theory is presented for minimizing noise in linear dimension reduction of sequences of medical images when the factors and the covariance matrix and mean of the noise are given. A dimension reduction is optimal when all diagonal elements in the covariance matrix of the noise in the signal (factor) space are ...

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    abstract::Silicon diodes have good spatial resolution, which makes them advantageous over ionization chambers for dosimetry in fields with high dose gradients. However, silicon diodes overrespond to low-energy photons, that are more abundant in scatter which increase with large fields and larger depths. We present a cavity-theo...

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  • Developing a new case based computer-aided detection scheme and an adaptive cueing method to improve performance in detecting mammographic lesions.

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  • Evaluation of transmission methodology and attenuation correction for the microPET Focus 220 animal scanner.

    abstract::An accurate, low noise estimate of photon attenuation in the subject is required for quantitative microPET studies of molecular tracer distributions in vivo. In this work, several transmission-based measurement techniques were compared, including coincidence mode with and without rod windowing, singles mode with two d...

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  • Benchmarking GATE/Geant4 for 16O ion beam therapy.

    abstract::Oxygen ([Formula: see text]) ions are a potential alternative to carbon ions in ion beam therapy. Their enhanced linear energy transfer indicates a higher relative biological effectiveness and a reduced oxygen enhancement ratio. Due to the limited availability of [Formula: see text] ion beams, Monte Carlo (MC) transpo...

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  • Dual energy CT using slow kVp switching acquisition and prior image constrained compressed sensing.

    abstract::Dual energy computed tomography (DECT) is currently a subject of extensive investigation. DECT is currently implemented using either a dual source scanner with high and low kVp data acquired from separate sources or a single source scanner with both high and low kVp data acquired in an alternating manner. Both methods...

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