Antiadhesion effect of the C17 glycerin ester of isoprenoid-type lipid forming a nonlamellar liquid crystal.


:Postoperative adhesion is a relevant clinical problem that causes a variety of clinical complications after abdominal surgery. The objective of this study is to develop a liquid-type antiadhesion agent and evaluate its efficacy in preventing tissue adhesion in a rat peritoneal adhesion model. The liquid-type agent was prepared by submicron-sized emulsification of C17 glycerin ester (C17GE), squalene, pluronic F127, ethanol, and water with a high-pressure homogenizer. The primary component was C17GE, which is an amphiphilic lipid of one isoprenoid-type hydrophobic chain and can form two phases of self-assembly nonlamellar liquid crystals. The C17GE agent consisted of nanoparticles with an internal inverted hexagonal phase when evaluated by small-angle X-ray scattering (SAXS) and cryo-transmission electron microscopy (cryo-TEM). Upon contact with the biological tissue, this agent formed a thin membrane with a bioadhesive property. After this agent was applied to a sidewall injury of rats, it showed a percentage average of adhesion significantly less than that obtained with the Seprafilm® antiadhesion membrane in a rat model. Additionally, the retention of the agent prolonged at the applied site in the peritoneal cavity of rats. In conclusion, the C17GE agent is promising as an antiadhesion material. STATEMENT OF SIGNIFICANCE: Postoperative adhesion remains a common adverse effect. Although various materials have been investigated, there are few products commercially available to prevent adhesion. For the sheet-type agent, it is inconvenient to be applied through small laparotomy, especially in laparoscopic surgery. Additionally, the liquid-type agent currently used requires a complicated procedure to spray at the targeted site. Our liquid-type antiadhesion agent can form liquid crystals and act as a thin membrane-like physical barrier between the peritoneum and tissues to prevent adhesion. Indeed, the antiadhesion agent used in our present study significantly prevents adhesion compared with the antiadhesion membrane most used clinically. Moreover, our agent is highly stable by itself and easy to use in laparoscopic surgery, thus leading to a promising new candidate as an antiadhesion material.


Acta Biomater


Acta biomaterialia


Murakami T,Hijikuro I,Yamashita K,Tsunoda S,Hirai K,Suzuki T,Sakai Y,Tabata Y




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