Association between insurance status, anticoagulation quality, and clinical outcomes in patients with acute venous thromboembolism.


INTRODUCTION:A higher level of health insurance coverage may be related to better quality of care and outcomes. Whether insurance status is associated with anticoagulation quality and clinical outcomes in patients with venous thromboembolism (VTE) is unknown. METHODS:We studied 819 elderly patients treated with vitamin K antagonists for VTE in a Swiss prospective multicenter cohort (09/2009-12/2013). The study outcomes were the anticoagulation quality, defined as the time spent in the therapeutic INR range, and clinical events, i.e. the time to a first VTE recurrence, major bleeding, and mortality. We assessed the association between insurance status (private vs. general), anticoagulation quality, and clinical outcomes using regression models, adjusting for potential confounders. RESULTS:Although the unadjusted mean percentage of time spent in the therapeutic INR range (2.0-3.0) was slightly higher in patients with private vs. general insurance (65% vs. 61%; p = 0.030), the adjusted difference was not statistically significant (1.53%, 95% CI -1.97 to 5.04). Patients with private insurance had a lower 36-month cumulative incidence of major bleeding (9.7% vs. 15.7%; p = 0.018). After adjustment, privately insured patients had a lower risk of major bleeding compared to patients with general insurance (sub-hazard ratio 0.57, 95% CI 0.32 to 0.98). Insurance status was not associated with recurrent VTE or mortality. CONCLUSION:Privately insured patients spent somewhat more time in therapeutic INR range and had a lower rate of major bleeding than generally insured patients. Basic (general) health insurance may be a marker of lower anticoagulation quality and higher risk of major bleeding.


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Zumbrunn B,Stalder O,Méan M,Limacher A,Tritschler T,Rodondi N,Aujesky D




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  • Combined occurrence of a heterozygous missense mutation in the protein C gene and allelic exclusion of one protein S allele leading to severe venous thrombosis.

    abstract::Individuals with more than one defect in the natural anticoagulant system exhibit an increased risk for thrombosis. We report on a family with two cases of combined protein C (PROC) and protein S (PROS) deficiency, five cases of isolated PROC deficiency Type I, and two cases of isolated PROS deficiency Type I. PROC an...

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  • From laboratory to clinical practice: Dabigatran effects on thrombin generation and coagulation in patient samples.

    abstract:INTRODUCTION:Dabigatran (Dabi) is not routinely monitored. However, in emergency cases quantitative assessment is required and laboratories must provide suitable tests at all hours. Little is known about Dabi effects on thrombin generation. MATERIALS AND METHODS:Patient samples (n=241) were analyzed for functional Dab...

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  • Proteolysis of bovine and human prothrombin and of bovine factor X by rat mast cell proteinase.

    abstract::The alpha-chymotrypsin-like proteinase from rat peritoneal mast cells (RMCP I) rapidly destroyed the normal clotting activity of purified, calcium-free, bovine prothrombin, human prothrombin and bovine factor X and simultaneously removed similar N-terminal peptides (Mr approximately 5,000) from both prothrombin and th...

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  • Activation of human prothrombin by the venom of Lonomia achelous (Cramer) caterpillars.

    abstract::In this paper, we demonstrated that the procoagulant action of Lonomia achelous (Cramer) is due in part to a component that activates prothrombin. The activation by crude venom and Fractions obtained by gel filtration on Sephadex G-75 is not dependent of phospholipid, Ca++ or Factor V. The activation of prothrombin by...

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  • Platelets as immune mediators: their role in host defense responses and sepsis.

    abstract::Platelets occupy a central role at the interface between thrombosis and inflammation. At sites of vascular damage, adherent platelets physically and functionally interact with circulating leukocytes. Activated platelets release soluble factors into circulation that may have local and systemic effects on blood and vasc...

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  • Fever as a risk factor for increased response to vitamin K antagonists: a review of the evidence and potential mechanisms.

    abstract::Numerous factors affect the response to vitamin K antagonists (VKA) including age, dietary vitamin K, other drugs, pharmacogenetics, and disease states. In antithrombotic guidelines, fever is mentioned as a factor that may increase response to VKA. The purpose of this article is to review the available evidence regard...

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