Global dynamics of a discrete age-structured SIR epidemic model with applications to measles vaccination strategies.


:We investigate an SIR epidemic model with discrete age groups to understand the transmission dynamics of an infectious disease in a host population with an age structure. We derive the basic reproduction number R0 and show that it is a sharp threshold parameter. If R0≤1, the disease-free equilibrium E0 is globally stable. If R0>1,E0 is unstable, the model is uniformly persistent, and an endemic equilibrium exists. The global stability of the endemic equilibrium when R0>1 is established under a sufficient condition. The model is then used to analyze the measles data in India and evaluate the effectiveness of several vaccination strategies for the control of measles epidemics in India.


Math Biosci


Mathematical biosciences


Zhou L,Wang Y,Xiao Y,Li MY




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2019-02-01 00:00:00












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