Effects of essential amino acid supplementation and rehabilitation on functioning in hip fracture patients: a pilot randomized controlled trial.


BACKGROUND:Physical exercise and nutrition seem to have a key role in the management of hip fracture patients. AIM:To evaluate the impact of a 2-month rehabilitative protocol combined with dietetic counseling, with or without essential amino acid supplementation, on functioning in hip fracture patients. METHODS:In this pilot randomized controlled study, we recruited patients aged more than 65 years, at 3 months after hip fracture. We randomly assigned the participants into two groups (A and B). Both groups performed a physical exercise rehabilitative programme (five sessions of 40 min/week for 2 weeks, followed by a home-based exercise protocol) and received a dietetic counseling; only group A was supplemented with two sachets of 4 g/day of essential amino acids (Aminotrofic®). We evaluated at baseline and after 2 months of intervention (T1): hand grip strength, Timed Up and Go, and Iowa Level of Assistance scale (ILOA). RESULTS:The 32 hip fracture patients (mean aged 79.03 ± 7.80 years) were allocated into two groups: group A (n = 16) and group B (n = 16). All the participants showed significant differences in all outcomes at T1 (p < 0.017). Sarcopenic patients in group A (n = 10) showed statistically significant differences in all the primary outcomes at T1 (p < 0.017), whereas sarcopenic patients in group B (n = 13) showed a significant reduction of ILOA only. In non-sarcopenic patients, we found no differences at T1 in all outcome measures. DISCUSSION:Hip fractures are a complex multifactorial condition of the elderly that determines devastating effects on functioning and independence. CONCLUSION:A multidisciplinary rehabilitative and nutritional intervention seems to be effective on functioning in hip fracture patients, in particular sarcopenic ones.


Aging Clin Exp Res


Invernizzi M,de Sire A,D'Andrea F,Carrera D,Renò F,Migliaccio S,Iolascon G,Cisari C




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