MRI T2 signal intensity and tumor response in patients with GH-secreting pituitary macroadenoma: PRIMARYS post-hoc analysis.


:Objective Pituitary adenoma MRI T2 signal intensity associates with tumor characteristics including responsiveness to somatostatin analogs (SSAs). These analyses determined whether baseline T2 signal intensity predicts response to primary medical treatment with long-acting SSA. Design Post-hoc analyses of the prospective multicenter, open-label, single-arm PRIMARYS study in which patients with treatment-naïve GH-secreting pituitary macroadenomas received fixed-dose lanreotide autogel (120mg) every 4-weeks for 48-weeks. Methods Associations were investigated between adenoma T2-signal hypo/iso/hyperintensity and treatment responses at week 48/last visit: hormonal control (GH ≤2.5μg/L and IGF-1 normalization); tumor response (tumor volume reduction [TVR] ≥20%); separate GH/IGF-1 control; and change-from-baseline in GH/IGF-1 and tumor volume. Results Adenomas were hypointense at baseline in 50/85 (59%) patients using visual assessment. Of these, 40% achieved hormonal control and 76% achieved a tumor response. Significant univariate associations arose for hypo- vs isointensity with tumor response and achievement of GH ≤2.5 μg/L, but not IGF-1 normalization or overall hormonal control. In multivariate analysis, tumor response was 6-times more likely for hypo- vs isointense tumors (=6.15; 95% CI [1.36;27.88]). In univariate change-from-baseline analyses, hypo- vs isointensity was associated with greater TVR and IGF-1 reduction but not change in GH. In multivariate analysis, IGF-1 decreased by an estimated additional 65 μg/L [P=0.0026]) for hypo- vs isointense. Conclusions Patients with hypointense vs isointense GH-secreting macroadenomas had greater reductions in IGF-1 following primary treatment with lanreotide autogel, and were more likely to achieve tumor response. Assessment of T2 signal intensity at baseline may help to predict long-term responses to primary treatment with SSAs.


Eur J Endocrinol


Bonneville F,Rivière LD,Petersenn S,Bevan J,Houchard A,Sert C,Caron PJ,PRIMARYS Study group.




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  • Giant prolactinomas in women.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To characterise distinctive clinical features of giant prolactinomas in women. DESIGN:A multicentre, retrospective case series and literature review. METHODS:We collected data from 15 female patients with a pituitary tumour larger than 4 cm and prolactin levels above 1000 μg/l and identified 19 similar case...

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  • Pregnancy and pituitary disorders.

    abstract::Major hormonal changes emerge during pregnancy. The pituitary gland is one of the most affected organs with altered anatomy and physiology. The pituitary gland is enlarged as a result of lactotroph hyperplasia. Due to physiological changes in the pituitary and target hormone levels, binding globulins, and placental ho...

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    abstract:OBJECTIVE:Glucocorticoid-induced osteoporosis is the most frequent cause of secondary osteoporosis. Nevertheless, limited data are available on bone status in patients with endogenous cortisol excess. This study is aimed at investigating the role of sex steroids and severity of hypercortisolism on bone mineral density ...

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